High-end Fonts for Free: How to Go Upscale with Your Typography

High-end Fonts for Free: How to Go Upscale with Your Typography

Why would you want to spend time looking for the perfect font?

Your fonts add meaning to your words. Look at the examples below. [Read more…]

What “Authentic” Audience Building Means [Audio]

Authentic marketingYou’ve heard it many times: the best way to market your business is to “develop an authentic relationship with your prospects and customers.”

But what does authentic marketing look like now? And what’s the difference between doing this for a brick-and-mortar business vs. an online business?

nancy-vanreece-200pxThese are the questions my new Nashville friend Nancy VanReece and I pondered a few weeks ago with Clark Buckner of TechnologyAdvice.

We met at Chago’s Cantina in Nashville, and over the sounds of a busy Mexican restaurant, we hashed out how to build an authentic relationship using the latest tools.

Listen in, and read below for more resources. [Read more…]

Free Stock Photos: My Favorite Resources Today

Free Stock Photos: My Favorite Resources Today

On a world wide web full of words, images cut through the noise and get to the point.

A well-chosen image will enhance what your words say, and add meaning to your communication.

The good news is that finding great stock photos — even free stock photos — is easier than ever. [Read more…]

Here’s Why I’m Singing in the Rain on the New Big Brand System


Last July, I joined the team at Copyblogger Media.

Baby walkingAnd within a few days of starting, I got my first glimpse behind-the-scenes at our newest product, the Rainmaker Platform.

When I first saw it, it was still in beta form. It was a little like seeing a baby who’s learning to walk: you can see the potential, and see it not meeting its potential at the same time.

Luckily, we have an amazing team working hard to make the Rainmaker Platform great


It’s not the same product I saw last July.

It’s a robust, powerful, easy-to-use solution for online businesses. And week by week, I got more excited to try the platform out for myself. [Read more…]