The 30-Minute Website Makeover

4 Elements That Take Your Site from Drab to Fab

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Watch as Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson take an ordinary website and give it some visual oomph with just a few simple steps. You’ll discover how you can:

  • Make two simple choices early on to give your site “personality” and a memorable style
  • Draw attention to your information by uploading a few files that pull your readers’ eyes into the words on your pages
  • Add simple code (that you can just copy and paste) to build an email list, run an ad, or direct visitors to different page on your site

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About Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson

Wendy Cholbi and Pamela WilsonWendy Cholbi calls herself the “Technology-to-English Translator” for good reason. She has helped thousands of people build and maintain their websites with her unique blend of vast technical knowledge and easy-to-understand explanations that cater to even the most non-technical among us. You can find more about Wendy on her site,

Pamela Wilson has over 25 years of experience as an award-winning graphic designer and marketing consultant. She loves helping business owners make the most of their websites. She believes your business may be small, but your brand can be BIG. Find out more at

What are Brown Bag Webinars?

Webinars are a great way to learn, but …

… most webinars take too long. Who has an hour or an hour and a half to sit through a dull presentation in order to learn a few helpful nuggets?

Brown Bag Webinars cut out the fluff and go straight to information that will help you grow your business.

Every month, you’ll get valuable tips, techniques and insights in a fast-paced format that’s about 30 minutes long. You’ll always have the opportunity to ask questions at the end, too — the webinar doesn’t end until all questions are answered.

So pull up a chair, grab your lunch or a snack, and let’s grow your business today!

What attendees say about Brown Bag Webinars

“I wanted to thank you for leading such a helpful and informative webinar today.”

“The webinar was really great today. Thanks for putting your experience into a manageable program a solopreneur like me can use.”

“Thank you, Pamela. I enjoyed the webinar greatly and look forward to the next one.”

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