I Get By With a Lot of Help from My Friends


Just about 18 months ago, the amazing team at Rainmaker Digital (formerly Copyblogger Media) invited me to join them.

My first thought? “What’s going to happen to Big Brand System?” And until I had a good answer for that question, I wasn’t ready to consider going to work for someone else.

Fortunately, after spending some time thinking, planning, and (especially) talking to friends, I was able to come up with a plan. For more on what I’ve done, read The Future of Big Brand System, plus a 4 Letter Word You Should Know.

And it’s because of those friends and colleagues that this website has continued to chug along, faithfully delivering a new piece of content every single week. We either publish a post, or send our the Weekend Digest newsletter (which was recently featured in this post on Copyblogger) without fail.

With Thanksgiving in the US coming up next week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the people who’ve made it possible to keep this blog going strong over the past 18 months.

And in today’s post, I want to tell you a bit more about each of them. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to send them your thanks in the comments of this post. Without them, this site wouldn’t be here! [Read more…]

How to Stand Out from the Crowd with an Unforgettable Personal Brand

How to Stand Out from the Crowd with an Unforgettable Personal Brand

If I say “Oprah Winfrey,” you get an instant image in your mind of Oprah: her physical appearance, her personality, her TV shows, her movie roles, her magazine.

As these thoughts flow through your mind, consider that they have been carefully crafted by Oprah’s marketing team over many years to create a consistent brand image of her in your mind.

After all, what is a brand but a harmonious series of images, thoughts, and beliefs about a person, business or product?

We often talk about creating a strong, consistent brand for your business or product.

What if the “product” you’re selling is you? Can you create a personal brand as strong as Oprah’s? [Read more…]

Let’s Talk: What’s Your Biggest Business Challenge Right Now?

These past few weeks, I’ve been speaking personally with Big Brand System readers.

It’s the latest incarnation of my Big Brand System Focus Group. The last time I ran a focus group was back in late 2012, and a lot has changed since then.

But one thing hasn’t changed at all. It turns out that back in 2012, and today in 2015 I had the same reaction after speaking personally with many of you: [Read more…]

6 Ways to Strut Your Brand Personality with Breathtaking Consistency

6 Ways to Strut Your Brand Personality with Breathtaking Consistency

Imagine going to a new restaurant.

You walk in and are greeted by a pleasant hostess, who seats you at their best table.

The food smells amazing, and you can’t wait to order.

Unfortunately when you open the menu—it’s in Japanese.

There must be some mistake. You wait for the waitress to come and ask for English menus, only to find she speaks French!

At this point, you are so fed up (not to mention hungry) that you just leave and head to the pizza joint down the way.

The restaurant lost a customer (possibly a loyal one—or even a brand ambassador), and your customer experience has been ruined. [Read more…]