Your Step-by-Step Guide to Writing More in Less Time

Have you ever sat down to write content for your business, only to…

Get distracted?

Feel overwhelmed?

Get stuck halfway through?

You’re not alone. Writing can be tough, but it’s essential if you want to attract customers and clients.

If you want to know that the next time you write you’ve got tools to stay in the zone until you’re finished, these tips are for you: [Read more…]

Lessons Learned from the Land Down Under

A few weeks ago, I flew to Australia on the invitation of Darren Rowse and the Problogger team. I spoke at Darren’s 2015 Problogger Training Event, which took place at the beautiful RACV Royal Pines resort on Australia’s Gold Coast.

This post is an excuse to share my photos — and my experiences — with you.

I want to share a few lessons I picked up: I think you’ll find them as valuable as I did. There’s a mix of business and life lessons — some profound, and some very simple.

Enjoy. [Read more…]

4 Lovable Sales Tips for People Who Hate Selling

4 Lovable Sales Tips for People Who Hate Selling

What image does the idea of selling conjure up in your mind?

Do you think of a pushy car salesman? A sleazy guy selling insurance door to door?

When Daniel Pink, author of the book To Sell Is Human, asked people what word first came up in their mind when he mentioned “sales,” he found that the majority of words were negative.

Smarmy. Slimy. Pushy. Manipulative. Aggressive. Yuck.

Having to sell makes many of us feel queasy.

We fidget. We procrastinate. And we wish we weren’t in business. We wish that someone else would do the selling for us! [Read more…]