5 Copywriting Tricks for Turning Blah Text into Persuasive Copy

Persuasive copy
Feeling overwhelmed when writing your content?

You’re not alone.

Learning to write better copy can be frustrating. Everyone has more tips, more advice, more copywriting rules.

Write tight. Use attention-grabbing headlines. Add features and benefits. Don’t forget the hook. Check your grammar rules and punctuation. No jargon. No adverbs. No … whatever.

Trying to remember the advice makes your head spin. Following the rules sucks the energy out of your content (and out of you, too).

But writing doesn’t need to be such an exhausting, grueling and tortuous process. It can be relatively simple.

The five most critical copywriting rules follow.

Concentrate on these five basic rules only, and you’ll find yourself writing pretty persuasive copy. You’ll turn so-so text into seductive content, and win more business.

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The Power of a Well-Placed No

The Power of a Well-Placed No

If you’re in the early days of your business, you can skip this post. It’s not for you.

Because in the early days of your business, it’s important — for survival’s sake — to say “yes” more often than “no.”

But give it a year or two, and you’ll discover that saying “no” — carefully and strategically — can be the best move you can make for your business. [Read more…]

Why Symptoms (Not Solutions) Are Your Copywriting Secret Weapon

Why Symptoms (Not Solutions) Are Your Copywriting Secret Weapon

You’re feeling under the weather so you go to your local doctor’s office.

Before you can speak, a prescription is thrust into your hand.

“This is what you need”

You’re directed out of the office towards the pharmacy where you can ‘buy’ your cure.

Are you going to buy the prescribed treatment with confidence? Are you even going to buy at all? [Read more…]

Digging Deep to Unearth Marketing Gold

Unearth marketing gold
This classic Big Brand System post shares an important question we can all ask to get to the heart of our marketing message. It may seem too simple to be effective, but this exercise is powerful.

The magic question that gets at the heart of all marketing efforts is:

And that's important because?And that’s important because?

It’s a question that helps you to make your small business marketing more effective, because it starts with the obvious, and forces you to dig deeper.

When you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to target your message, because you’ll understand what really motivates your target market.

Let’s see what asking this question does in practice.

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