Easy as A-B-C: How to Create Compelling Social Images with Your Handwriting

Easy as A-B-C: How to to Create Compelling Social Images with Your Handwriting

Pamela Wilson here. At the end of this fun and informative post by Kelly Kingman, she’s sharing a special announcement from the two of us. It’s written in the image at the end of the post! Don’t miss it if you’re interested in creating stunning visuals for your business. –Pamela

In this digital age, it’s easy to forget that pen and paper is still a “killer app” when it comes to creating interesting images. Even though we’ve grown accustomed to keyboards and touch screens, creating images using your own handwriting is simple and easy.

Handwritten text stands out in a way that fonts do not. It has an immediacy and intimacy that I just love — even when it’s not “pretty.” My theory is that some part of our brain that perks up because we recognize this human touch. When we see computer-generated type day in and day out, it tends to become invisible.

Here are some simple tips and ideas for creating your own interesting images starting with nothing more than your own ABC’s. [Read more...]

Should You Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?

Should You Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when thinking about a brand for your business is whether you want to build a personal brand or a business brand.

A personal brand is built around you personally. It usually means you brand your business with your name. There are positives and negatives to this, and we’ll review them in this post.

A business brand is built around an identity you create for your business. It usually means you need to craft a name for your business that’s independent of your personal name. Again, there are pros and cons, and we’ll cover each below.

When creating a personal brand works well

It’s easier than ever to build a personal brand, especially with the tools we have available to us online. Between personal websites and social media accounts, it may be easier to create a personal brand than a business brand. But there are a few reasons you might want to avoid this, so read on. [Read more...]

Don’t Spin Your Wheels: 6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Marketing Plan on Track

Don’t Spin Your Wheels: 6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Marketing Plan on Track

When you’re running a very small business, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is:

“Am I spending my time on the right things?”

Because if it’s just you, or you and a couple of employees, I’m betting that time is the resource you try to conserve more than any other.

After all, you can always make more money. But if you figure out how to make more time, please let me know! [Read more...]

Passionate Students Become Passionate Customers: How to Use Teaching to Grow Your Business

Teach and grow your business

It’s getting harder and harder to get your audience’s attention. They are deluged with information, so they scan-click-delete.

Yet they cry out in the night for someone to explain things simply.

The rules of modern marketing have changed, and it’s only going to get worse. You’d better find the most effective, most efficient marketing technique to nurture your leads and build trust and loyalty with your audience, or you’ll be left behind.

One technique stands out above all the rest – teaching.  [Read more...]