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Thanks for your interest in working with me one-on-one. You’re probably juggling a lot, like most small business owners are. I’d love to lend you my 25+ years of experience to help make your business work better.

pamela-vipI offer two kinds of coaching:

Spotlight Coaching is a one-time coaching session to help you on a specific issue in your business. Calls can be recorded if you’d like. You’ll get my full attention and 25+ years of experience, plus ideas and strategies you can put to work immediately.

VIP Coaching is a 12-week intensive coaching experience. You’ll have three hour-long conversations with me, one per month. And you’ll receive email coaching spread over 12 weeks, so you’ll get the ongoing guidance and accountability you need to reach your goals. Read more about VIP Coaching here.


Spotlight Coaching with Pamela WilsonSpotlight Coaching is a private, one-time targeted coaching call that puts your business in the spotlight for a full hour.

If you have specific business issues, or your company that doesn’t fit the typical mold, this is a perfect solution for you.

And if you find yourself stuck and wanting to move forward, and you just need some ideas, support and encouragement, Spotlight Coaching will work for you.

During our call, I can review your marketing materials, give you feedback on your business plans, help you with time management, share ideas for systematizing your business, optimizing your website and more.

What happens after I place my order?

  • You’re taken to an online form. On this secure form, you’ll have the opportunity to explain the topic you’d like to talk about on our Spotlight Coaching call. You can share links, upload your current marketing materials, and talk about your business.
  • Your confirmation email contains a link to my scheduling software. On this page you can pick a one-hour time slot that’s convenient to both of us, and let me know where to reach you.
  • We share a 1-hour phone call that’s all about your business. My 25+ years of marketing and design experience will be all yours during our 1-hour call.
  • If you’d like, I record our call so you don’t have to try to remember my recommendations. I’ll send you the recording file within 24 hours after our call ends.

Get your Spotlight Coaching call:

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Need more than one session?

Click to find out about VIP Coaching.

“Pamela’s coaching is nothing short of miraculous. She asked excellent clarifying questions about the goals for my business and for coaching — and then got down to the business of coaching me through them one by one.

I got more value from one hour of business coaching with Pamela than I have with any other coach. If you’re wondering if you should coach with Pamela — please don’t. You and your business will forever changed!” –Lee Miller, Pink Bubblegum Websites

FAQ: What can you help me with?

We’ll talk about whatever your business needs help with right now. We can address things like:

  • Improving your overall branding
  • Creating a cohesive marketing strategy for your business
  • New ways you could offer your products or services
  • How to write or improve your ads and sales pages
  • How to build an email list for your business
  • What you can do to improve your business website
  • Breaking down your goals into action steps so you can make progress faster
  • How to put together an email newsletter to promote your business
  • Resources and tools for branding, marketing and website creation
  • How to create an online course you can offer to your customers
  • How to create checklists for common technical tasks so you can breeze through them
  • How to automate processes in your business to make it more efficient
  • How to develop a successful blog
  • Ebook topic ideas, and how to market your ebook

You will set the agenda for our coaching, and we’ll work on whatever is most important to your business right now.

I’m looking forward to working together with you to make real progress in your business!

Best wishes for your success,

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson, BIG Brand System

PS: Coaching spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re ready to get personalized support for your business, act now.

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