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creating a brand image that’s effective requires marketing your message clearly with great design

You have a wonderful, targeted marketing message. It’s well crafted, every word is considered carefully, and it’s written with impeccable spelling and grammar.

And yet, you’re not making the sales numbers you want. You don’t get the traffic your web site needs. What’s missing?

Grab Them by the Eyeballs

Every time you communicate, you have the chance to make a good impression. If your message looks amateur, you lose sales because you never have the chance to start a conversation with your prospective customer.

With so many competing messages out there, yours has to stand out. You may not have the budget to pay a designer or advertising agency to create marketing materials for you. What can you do?

Make Your Brand Big

Mastering the basic rules of design is an investment that sets your business apart from your competition. Your materials look more professional, they make you proud, and because they communicate clearly, they produce profit. Your business grows!

Design can be Learned (and it’s Fun)

Once you understand the basic rules of good design, everything you do – from setting up a letter on a piece of paper, to putting together a blog or web site – will look better. Design is about communicating clearly, so when you harness its power, your marketing materials will work better.

You don’t have to be “artistic” to learn how to master design. There are rules, and there’s practice. Learn the rules, put them into practice, and you’ll see results.

Design 101

This is the introduction to a series of ten lessons called “Design 101.”

The next lesson will be about getting to know your audience so that you can reliably reach them with targeted messages that get response.

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  1. says


    A poorly designed website makes me click away in a heartbeat, but it still amazes me how many people don’t understand the importance of design in their marketing and communications materials.

    Very nicely done, Pamela. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. says

    Kudos to you Pamela! First post on your new blog. Yay!!!!

    You’ve opened my eyes to the necessity of great design. Thanks. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  3. says


    Two things:

    1. Great use of thesis for your blog design – super sharp and to the point! Luv it!

    2. I was inspired from your questionnaire last fall. After 5 years as a web developer and marketing coach I *finally* took the leap to get my own professionally designed logo – no kidding! I had a wonderful experience with a contest site. If you want to share the deets with your list let me know.

    Love and abundance, dp

  4. says

    Stacey, Marsha and Carole: thanks for the great feedback! I can’t wait to share lots of great information and get to know everyone here. I’m looking forward to the conversation!

    Donna, I’d love to hear about your experience. I’ll be talking about logos in one of the upcoming “Design 101” lessons, so please send me a message (you can find a contact form on the About page) and I’ll include your experience in that post!

  5. Heidi says

    This is super-timely, Pamela.

    I’m building my own website and revamping generally, so your newsletters and now this blog are a great, stable guide. Presented with easy-bites, valuable content and a lower frequency than many, your messages stand out. I have time to read, apply and retain them.

    Thank you!

  6. Diana Tice says

    Well done! Concise, well written and presented. It will certainly be a good spot for information. Good luck with it!

  7. Kathy Hochberg says

    I absolutely love the heading : “Grab them by the eyeballs”! You’re not only communicating clearly with clever, attractive graphics, but with wit and a wonderful use of language!

  8. Becca Harris says

    This is very nice! This site is amazing- I found it over facebook and was very impressed! It truly did “grab my eyeballs”- I cannot wait to use the valueable information in my life!