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Produce Your Own Powerfully-Written, Beautifully Designed Ebooks

You know ebooks are valuable business tools.

Valuable … once they’re done. It’s getting them done that’s the tough part.

You may have an idea for an ebook in your head, but you’re not sure how to structure what you know into an ebook that people will want to buy and read.

Plus, you’re not a designer. How are you going to make your ideas look polished and professional?

And after you spend all that time writing and creating your ebook, how are you going to find the energy to market it so you can get it into as many hands as possible?

Enter eBook Evolution

eBook EvolutioneBook Evolution gives you all the tools and step-by-step guidance you need to create an ebook that people will clamor to read — and that grows your business.

Part 1: Pick a great idea, and get writing

Sticky eBook FormulaThe Sticky eBook Formula shows you how to pick a topic for your own ebook that overlaps between your expertise and your audience’s need. Written by Kelly Kingman, whose work has appeared in publications such as the New York Times, this ebook teaches you how to:

  • Make your idea stand out from the competition — even if you’re in a highly-competitive niche and the industry leader has already written about your product, you can still stand out.
  • Choose a topic your readers will clamor to read.
  • Brainstorm and pin down clear ideas (even if they feel fuzzy right now).
  • Map out your ebook concisely, to avoid getting stuck in a 300 page brain dump.
  • Use time-saving tips and techniques for getting your ebook done.

“That sounds great, but I’m not a writer.”

Sticky eBook Formula walks you through how to get your ebook written, even if you don’t consider yourself a “writer.” You’ll discover how to choose the best topic to write about, and how to structure your material. You’ll even get tips for getting your writing done (because it doesn’t count if it’s not done!).

ericka“I just wanted to join the crowd and thank you for your wonderful products. I purchased eBook Evolution during your first week of launch. I was a brand new business and had no idea what I could write about, but I knew that I wanted to one day write something. You did not disappoint. I followed your guidelines this week and put a book together in about 3 hours total. Thanks to you, it’s a professional product that I’m proud of.”

— Erika Pierce, Director, Aspiration Education Services,

So, you’ve worked through the pages of The Sticky eBook Formula and you’ve written an ebook you’re proud of. What’s next?

Part 2: Create page-turning design (that matches your brand) without a designer

Small decisions make BIG differences in design, and this is where a lot of ebook authors struggle.

You don’t want to cram in too many design elements. Instead, you need simple colors, a couple of fonts, and pages that flow with engaging headlines, body text, subheadings, and call outs.

eBook Evolution templates

With the eBook Evolution templates, you’ll have what you need to create easy-to-read, beautifully-designed pages.

Even if you don’t have a design bone in your body, you’ll be surprised by what you can create with the eBook Evolution templates.

The templates have been thoughtfully designed by Pamela Wilson, an award-winning publication designer for over 25 years, and founder of Big Brand System. Being a great designer is one thing, but Pamela has another skill: she’s an expert in ‘translating’ design so non-designers like you can create beautiful materials.

Grab a template and go, or customize to your brand:

When you buy eBook Evolution Premium, you get:

  • 2 starter templates you can use to design your ebook from scratch
  • 20 pre-designed templates you can use out of the box, or fully customize to match your business’s brand
  • 1 EPUB-ready template you can use to create a Kindle or iPad-compatible ebook document
  • 26 design “recipes,” which are step-by-step design guides to help you cook up different front cover and page designs from scratch

These designs and recipes help you create your ebook without getting bogged down in the detail. And all the templates come with full instructions and screencasts that show you how to:

  • Modify any part of the templates easily (don’t worry, you won’t break anything)
  • Include images to make your ebook stand out
  • Choose fonts and colors to match your brand

Page through the template designs here:

“The templates look nice, but I’m not a designer. Will I really be able to use them?”

With the 20 pre-designed templates, you don’t have to be a designer. Just open up a template and start typing. Beautiful formatting — created by a publication designer with 25+ years of experience — is in place already.

Iain“I had an idea for a short e-book this afternoon during a client meeting. When I got back to my office I drafted part of it, then remembered about your new e-book product. I bought it, installed Open Office, and got to work using the horizontal template. It’s now just 5 hours later and the book is done and ready to ship (and I went out to dinner in the middle of it all, too).”

–Iain Gray, ITG Associates

OpenOffice: the free, powerful software you’ll use to create your ebooks

The ebook templates are created in Open Office Writer. It’s free, open source software that works on both PCs and Mac. If you haven’t heard of it, here are some common questions answered for you:

  • Is it similar to MS Word? Yes, only more powerful. If you can use Word, you can use Open Office Writer.
  • Is it free? Open Office is completely free, including any future updates.
  • Is it easy to install? You’ll be up and running in minutes, and as with everything, there’s a step-by-step guide.
  • Can I import my Word document into it? Not a problem. A couple of tweaks to the format and you’re all set.
  • Can I use images? Yes eBook Evolution shows you how to do this step-by-step.
  • What if I have any questions about using Open Office? Open Office has been around since 2000, and because it’s so widely used there is extensive online support in case you need it.

Now your ebook is ready to be shared with the world. eBook Evolution shows you how to get it into as many hands as possible …

Part 3: Build buzz and launch your ebook to an eager crowd

eBook Evolution Launch GuideThe biggest mistake is to put your ebook out there and simply hope people download it or buy it.

There is a much better way, using proven strategies to drive more downloads and sales.

Whether the word “marketing” makes you shudder, or you can’t wait to shout from the rooftops about your ebook, you’ll find a launch plan that suits your personality.

As you work through each section of the eBook Evolution Launch Guide you’ll build your own unique launch strategy. When the time is right you can put everything in motion and watch your readers count down the days until they can get their hands on your ebook.

The eBook Evolution Launch Guide shows you:

  • How to build a launch that people are excited about (and want to talk about).
  • What to do during each part of the launch: pre-launch, launch and post-launch. You’ll learn how to maximize sales at each stage and keep your sanity.
  • Where to sell your ebook, how much you should charge, and suggestions for payment systems.
  • How to get bloggers to promote and review your product (and how to choose the right people). Doing this properly can drive thousands of visitors to your sales page.
  • How affiliate programs work and how you can use them to increase visitors and sales.
  • An effective sales page outline (that feels good to write).
  • How to keep selling after the launch.
  • Launch worksheets to keep everything running like clockwork.

What’s more, this doesn’t just work for ebooks. You can transfer the same launch process to anything you’re promoting. Follow the same launch process each time and you’ll always create an eager crowd who can’t wait for what you have to offer.

“I don’t know a thing about marketing — and it makes me uncomfortable.”

Marketing won’t be daunting with the information in the eBook Evolution Launch Guide. And the handy launch worksheets, which are included in your eBook Evolution Premium purchase, will help you come up with a plan so you’ll know exactly what to do when.

ali“I’ll be coming back to eBook Evolution again and again – it’s a great resource packed with advice and tools for any eBook author. If you’re a total beginner, get this and save yourself a ton of time and hassle. If you’ve already got half-a-dozen eBooks under your belt, get it anyway: after all, if you sell just an extra few eBooks as a result, you’ll have made back your investment on it.”

— Ali Luke,

Ready to tap into an even BIGGER way to promote your book and build your online influence?

Part 4: Access the vast marketplace of Amazon and more by transforming your ebook into an e-reader format

eBook Evolution EPUB Guide

Converting your ebook into a format that works for Kindle, iPad, and other e-readers means you can access massive audiences beyond your own website.

That’s where the eBook Evolution EPUB Guide comes in.

In the eBook Evolution EPUB Guide, award-winning ebook author and publisher Susan Daffron shows you step-by-step how to turn your PDF into a EPUB format that you can use to launch your ideas into the wider world.

With this guide you’ll get:

  • An EPUB template ready for you to pop your content into.
  • Step-by-step details on how to format your file so your ebook follows publisher guidelines.
  • A guide to the free software you can use to convert your file into an e-reader format.

“I’m not a ‘techie’ type: are you sure I can do this?”

You don’t have to be technically inclined. OpenOffice is as easy to use as a word processor. The tutorial videos walk you through every step of creating your ebook. And if you decide to convert your ebook to sell in an online bookstore, the eBook Evolution EPUB Guide and online video will guide you as you prep your ebook to be read on a tablet or phone.

darren“If ebooks are on the horizon for you (or even if you’re already publishing them) but you’re unsure how to develop a system to write, create and launch them – this is a guide that you’ll seriously want to consider. If this had been around years ago I could see that it would have returned the investment many times over.”

— Darren Rowse,

You’re supported every step of the way

eBook Evolution comes with:

A Quick Start Guide: Not sure where to start? Head straight to the Quick Start guide which will tell you where to go depending on what you need help with.

8 training videos

Video training: The eight training videos inside the eBook Evolution Learning Center show you:

  • How to use your eBook Evolution templates
  • How to create great-looking ebook covers
  • How to modify your template files
  • How to convert your ebook into an e-reader format

FAQ page: featuring answers to common questions, and a contact form to send in questions you may have

With eBook Evolution, you can create as many ebooks as you like, for one price, forever. No monthly software fees or ongoing updates to pay for.

How are people using eBook Evolution today to build their online influence?

Thousands of people have used the concepts taught in eBook Evolution, and the number continues to grow. Here are some of the ways people use the product to spread ideas far and wide:

  • Build an audience: Create and give away a thought-provoking, high-quality ebook. Do it properly and you’ll soon have plenty of people lined up to listen to you.
  • Build a list: Create and offer an ebook in exchange for a reader’s email address so you can build a targeted email list. This is the foundation of any smart online business.
  • Build revenue: Create and sell an ebook that adds directly to your bottom line. Work hard once, and see the benefits over and over.

My No-Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


I know not every product you buy ends up being a good fit. That’s why I promise to issue a fast, friendly refund if you discover this product isn’t for you. Just contact me within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll issue your refund the same day. I’m not happy unless you’re happy!

—Pamela Wilson, Big Brand System

The “Friendly Reminder” Bonus

Another big problem with online products? People buy them, save them to their hard drives, and never use them. That’s why your eBook Evolution purchase comes with a short series of emails that are designed to encourage you to use the product so you can start to see the benefits of creating an ebook ASAP.

Choose your eBook Evolution product

eBook Evolution Premium

Ebook Evolution Premium

The most popular product, eBook Evolution Premium is perfect if you want guidance and tools to write, design and market your ebook — and convert it to an ereader format. You’ll get guidance and tools for every step of the ebook creation process:

One: Bring your idea to life

  • The Sticky eBook Formula

Two: Create a beautiful design

  • 22 custom themed templates in vertical and horizontal layouts
  • 26 cover and page recipes for more design flexibility
  • Training videos on how to use your templates

Three: Launch it to an eager crowd

  • eBook Evolution Launch Guide
  • Launch worksheets: Simplest Sales Page Worksheet, Three Tier Launch Planner, Weekly Launch Planner, Affiliate Resource Center

Four: Convert to e-reader to access the wider world of publishing

  • eBook Evolution EPUB Guide
  • EPUB ready template
  • Training video with step-by-step demo for converting your ebook to an e-reader format
  • Plus the quick start guide and training videos

BONUSES: eBook Evolution Premium customers also receive:

  • eBook Evolution Premium BonusesRocket Booster Brainstorming: Jonathan Wondrusch of created 3 short powerful ebooks and worksheets to help bloggers and entrepreneurs create ideas to get excited about.
  • Handling ebook Resistance Exercise: This short ebook gives you a concentrated and practical approach for conquering the resistance that arises when you aim to achieve something big.
  • Planning Your Virtual Event: In this interview, virtual event manager Lynn Pearce shares examples of how to build the kind of fun and buzz about your launch that gets people talking.
  • Launch-Fu from the Heart: If you’ve ever been uncomfortable with the idea of marketing or selling, you’ll love this interview. Pace Smith from explains why traditional marketing techniques are still effective, as long as you know the comfort-level of your audience.
  • The Profitable “Unlaunch”: Blogger Tammy Strobel from had an extraordinary journey with her very simple ebook. In this interview, find out how even low-cost ebooks can generate significant revenue and have the media calling.

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Ebook Evolution Premium

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eBoo Evolution Templates

Feel confident about writing and marketing your ebook, and just want beautiful template designs? Then grab the eBook Evolution template pack which includes:

  • 22 custom templates for PDF ebooks, in horizontal and vertical formats: 2 standard, and 20 professionally-designed themed templates
  • Cover and Page Recipes ebooks, plus How to Choose Your Ebook Colors ebook
  • Training videos with step-by-step demonstrations of how to use your templates
  • Templates package does not include EPUB Guide and EPUB template. Need those? Scroll up and get the Premium package.

Click below to get just the eBook Evolution Templates:


Publishing your ebook is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Take the first step today!