Sharing Plans and a Big End-of-Year Sale


It’s the end of another amazing year. Well, maybe yours wasn’t so amazing? If you’re anything like me, I’m betting it was a mix:

Amazing, breathtaking moments

and …

Frustrating, disheartening moments

That’s usually how it goes, isn’t it?

Thankfully, we have a fresh new year ahead of us. As we look at the unblemished blank slate that awaits us on January 1, there’s always reason to feel optimistic and hopeful.

In today’s post, I want to ask you what you have planned for the year ahead. And I have a special offer for you if you’re like me and try to load up on business expenses before the tax year runs out. [Read more…]

Why a Shoddy Ebook is Bad for Your Brand

Why a Shoddy Ebook is Bad for Your Brand

Remember web video a few years back?

In the early years of online video, we were perfectly content to spend five minutes of our lives watching a video that was filmed with a laptop camera — while that laptop was on a lap. We forgave the jiggly end result, the hard-to-understand audio, and the slow pacing.

After all, we were watching video! On our computers! So cool!

Now, though, we’re not as patient with sub-par video. Because of the high video standards of people like Marie Forleo and Michael Hyatt, our collective standard for web video has risen.

The same thing has happened to ebooks

In the early days of PDF ebooks, you could simply save your text document as a PDF, and call it an ebook.

Your ebook could look like a well-formatted book report.

But PDFs can’t look like text documents anymore. Thanks to the efforts of people like Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer, and — truth be told — me, the standards for ebook design are rising, too. [Read more…]

Your Ebook Is Calling: 8 Reasons to Get Fired Up About Getting It Done

Your ebook is calling! Do you hear that?

It’s your ebook calling. That ebook you have inside that wants to find its way out into the world.

You’ve thought about it. You may have jotted down some ideas for topics. You may have even started writing it.

But it’s not done. Yet.

Today’s post is designed to “light a fire” under you. I want you to get excited about all the possibilities that await you once you get your ebook done!

Read on, get inspired, then sign up for next week’s free Brown Bag Webinar at the bottom of the page for even more inspiration. [Read more…]

What Kind of Ebook Should I Write?


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Ebooks now make up 20% of all book sales. Some of us initially hesitated to read books on screens … and most of us got over that pretty quickly!

Ebooks are good for business. They can spread your ideas, build your email list, and grow your profits.

The barriers to entry are low: no more searching for a publisher or finding an agent required. Your upfront investment is mostly time.

How do you start writing an ebook?

The first decision you have to make is what kind of ebook to write.

Should it be:

  • A 100% free ebook you give away, no questions asked?
  • An ebook you give to people in exchange for signing up to your email list?
  • An ebook you write to make money from — either by selling it on your website, or on Amazon or the iBookstore?

Today’s post examines these three types of ebooks, and helps you decide which one will best meet your goals. [Read more…]