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Free Brown Bag WebinarsWhat are Brown Bag Webinars?

Webinars are a great way to learn, but …

… most webinars take too long. Who has ninety minutes to sit through a dull presentation in order to learn a few helpful nuggets?

Free Brown Bag Webinars cut out the fluff and go straight to information that will help you grow your business.

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Open Q&A with Pamela Wilson

Ever wish you could ask a branding expert that one burning question that’s been on your mind? Tune in to this Brown Bag Webinar where we “crowdsourced” the content with questions from Big Brand System readers. The topics range from marketing to design, branding, email marketing, and even how to re-establish your business after a name change or a move.

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The Minimalist Guide to Branding Your Business

You’ve got a lot on your plate already. Feel like you don’t have time to grow your brand too? In this rapid-fire presentation, Pamela Wilson shares a minimalist approach to branding that works! You’ll come away with:

  • Tips for creating a brand the “lazy” way: no artistic skills required
  • How get your brand off to a strong start that ensures success
  • Free and inexpensive branding resources, and why this is the ideal time to brand your business yourself

Ready to learn the easy way to brand your business?

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Easy Ways to Fast Track Your Growth Next Year

Some say the economy is improving. Is your business ready for growth? In this fast-paced presentation, Pamela Wilson will share easy ways to market your business in the new economy. You’ll discover:

  • One simple tip that will help you avoid that “I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start!” feeling
  • Pamela’s favorite tools and habits that put marketing tasks on autopilot, so you can devote your energy to developing your business
  • A simple (and easy to remember) system to prioritize your marketing to-dos so you’re always focused on the one that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line

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Big Brand System Color Clinic

Why does color matter? Studies have shown that:

  • Color increases attention span and recall by 82%.
  • Information can be located 70% faster if it’s in color.
  • Color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%.

Don’t let bad color hold back your business. Attend the free Big Brand System Color Clinic and discover:

  • How to pick colors for your business that will speak directly to your ideal customer
  • The best color combinations: I’ll show you where to find them on any standard color wheel
  • Color scheme ideas you can put to use instantly in your marketing materials

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“Where Should I Start, and What Should I Do?”

Have you found yourself asking this question about your business? In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to discover your areas of marketing strength
  • How to uncover opportunities for marketing growth
  • What to do with this newfound knowledge so you can grow your business in the months ahead

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Ebook Creation

How to Translate Your Brand Personality Into an Ebook That Grows Your Business

Ebooks are on the rise. 28 percent of Americans own a tablet or e-reader. And the e-reading public consumes more books per year than the print reading public. They average 24 books a year!

But when you think about ebooks, the first things that come to mind might be questions:

  • What topic should you cover? How will you know for sure that your audience will be interested in the ebook you create?
  • How can you translate your current brand into an ebook? What does that look like?

How exactly will you get your ebook done? What tools and techniques should you use to take your ebook from idea to completion?On this Brown Bag Webinar, Pamela Wilson shares the answers to these questions and more. Sign up to watch immediately!

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From No Book to Ebook: How to Write, Create and Launch an Ebook in Two Months Flat

You’ve heard about how powerful ebooks can be, and have an idea you’d like to create one.

But the whole process seems so daunting — from writing them to getting them designed and ready to share (or sell). Then once you have the final product, how exactly do you get it out into the world?

This Brown Bag Webinar will walk you through a realistic schedule for creating an ebook. It’s not as daunting as it seems! Pamela Wilson will break it down into step-by-step increments and spell out exactly how to get it done. You’ll learn:

  • A special writing technique that takes your personality into account. You don’t need to fight your own natural tendencies: work with them and get your ebook written in record time.
  • 5 design landmines to avoid. Just becoming aware of these mistakes will help you avoid them as you put your pages together.
  • The week-by-week schedule that will take you from no book to completed ebook in less than two months.

All attendees will receive a FREE downloadable version of the schedule as part of the presentation. Fill it out with real dates, stick it next to your computer screen, and check items off as you get them done!

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Reach the Masses: How to Grow Your Business with Ebooks

Discover how you can use ebooks to earn income and build visibility for your business.

In this fast-paced Brown Bag Webinar, Pamela Wilson shares:

  • The difference between PDF and EPUB ebooks, and why you might want to offer both
  • How PDF and EPUB ebooks help you find customers and grow your business
  • How you can create an ebook and sell it from your website, then take the same ebook and sell it on Amazon (and Barnes and Noble, and the iBookstore)
  • Easy ebook ideas to jumpstart your project

If you’re ready to get started with ebooks, sign up now!

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11 Unexpected (and Easy) eBook Ideas

Pull up a chair and learn 11 ideas for ebooks you can create to grow your business. This webinar expands on the ebook ideas shared in the webinar above.

In this rapid-fire presentation, Kelly Kingman and Pamela Wilson will share ideas for ebooks your ideal customer wants you to create, because they’re:

  • Useful and helpful: your ideal customer will refer to them often
  • Good resources: your prospects will see you as a subject-matter expert
  • Fun to read: your ebook will be appreciated because it’s easy to digest

If that sounds like the kind of ebook you’d like to offer, sign up for 11 Unexpected (and Easy) eBook Ideas now.

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Email Marketing

Automatic, Systematic: Transform Your Business with Email Marketing

The Direct Marketing Association says that email marketing has a return on investment of 4,300%.


How many marketing techniques can give you that kind of result?

In this webinar, Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson will help you discover:

  • Why the best time to start your email marketing efforts is right now
  • A proven email marketing technique that is truly “set it and forget it”
  • How to find ideas for email topics that will give you a head start on your campaigns

You don’t need a lot of technical know-how or a marketing degree to craft campaigns that get results. Join us to discover our short cuts to email marketing success!

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Visuals & Graphics

Your Ideas to the Power of 10

Marketing is all about getting the word out about your business. But it’s not enough to just talk about your business: you need it to be memorable and believable, too.

That’s where images come in. Here’s what Kelly Kingman and Pamela Wilson will show you in this webinar:

  • How to turn one idea into 10 pieces of content (without writing 10 times as much!)
  • How to increase retention by a whopping 40 percent by tweaking the way you present your information
  • How to make your marketing more believable by doing one simple thing better (it’s easy)

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Cut Through the Noise: 4 Easy Ways Non-Artists Can Use Visuals to Make an Impact

You don’t have to be an artist to create images that magnify your marketing message. Attend this free Brown Bag Webinar and discover:

  • How the device in your pocket will transform your marketing (no degree required)
  • How (and where) to use images on your website to capture attention
  • The high-impact, low-commitment place to test out your developing image creation skills
  • Which images are most effective at turning prospects into buyers

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Visual Buzz: 7 Easy Ways to Power Your Marketing with Images

Everyone is talking about using images to market your business. You know they’re powerful communication tools. But how do you get started using them?

Join Kelly Kingman and Pamela Wilson for the Brown Bag Webinar, Visual Buzz: 7 Easy Ways to Power Your Marketing with Images.

You’ll learn:

  • Why marketers need a visual content strategy (and what that looks like — it’s easier than you think)
  • How to use images for your business even if you don’t have a drop of “artist” in you
  • 7 simple recipes to start incorporating images right now. We’ve got “homework” for you, and it’s fun!

Learn to use images in your business in this completely free Brown Bag Webinar. There’s lots to cover, so this webinar runs longer than the typical 30-minute Brown Bag Webinar.

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Impressive Images You Can Make Yourself

Ever wish you could create some of those amazing images you see shared in social media, on website pages, and in presentations? It’s easier than you think.

Let Kelly Kingman and Pamela Wilson show you the step-by-step system they use to create images with impact. These images can be repurposed to use on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, on your blog, and even in your slide shows.

And best of all, you don’t have to spend anything if you use free stock photo images, or photos you take yourself.

Let us show you this fun, fast and free system! Sign up below to get the login link to Impressive Images You Can Make Yourself.

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Website Building

Power Up Your Website with Interactive Building Blocks

You know how some websites have ads, opt-in forms, and even animated images in their sidebars?

All these cool features are powered by one thing — widgets.

Discover how to give your website extra functionality and flexibility with the mighty widget.

Don’t be intimidated! Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson show you tricks and techniques that allow even the most non-techie among us to harness the power of widgets. You’ll discover how to create:

  • Ad widgets you can use to sell things from your website sidebar, footer, or header
  • Opt-in widgets you can use to invite people to join your email list
  • Animated widgets you can use to feature important information, an ad, event announcements, and more

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The 30-Minute Website Makeover

Watch as Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson take an ordinary website and give it some visual oomph with just a few simple steps. You’ll discover how you can:

  • Make two simple choices early on to give your site “personality” and a memorable style
  • Draw attention to your information by uploading a few files that pull your readers’ eyes into the words on your pages
  • Add simple code (that you can just copy and paste) to build an email list, run an ad, or direct visitors to different page on your site

Register now. Brown Bag Webinars are fast-paced, fun, and free! You’ll get instant access to the replay video of this webinar.

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How to Create a Home Page with GREAT Results

When people search for your business online, your home page is where they’re first introduced to what you offer. That’s why your home page is vitally important web real estate. Is your home page doing its job? Join Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson as we show you:

  • The secret goals of every successful home page: is yours meeting them?
  • 3 warning signs your home page is confusing your site visitors
  • How to lead your site visitor around your home page and compel them to take action

This fast-moving presentation will help you design a home page that works for your business. We’ll show you easy techniques for creating a page that meets your business objectives and satisfies your visitors.

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Rock Your Sidebar!

The sidebar of your website is where business gets done.

Join Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson as we show you how to make your sidebar an efficient conversion machine in this month’s Brown Bag Webinar, Rock Your Sidebar!

You’ll learn:

  • The simple system for using visual hierarchy to create an effective sidebar
  • How to get your visitors to take action with easy tweaks you can make right away
  • The custom sidebar creator that’s hidden inside every WordPress website: we’ll show you where it is, and how to use it

Make the most of your website’s sidebar in this completely free Brown Bag Webinar. Sign up below to receive the replay link to Rock Your Sidebar!

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The 5-Step System for a Powerful, Easy — and Beautiful — Website

The stakes are high: your website can make or break your business. Don’t spend another moment with a website that’s not living up to its potential. In this fast-paced 30-minute presentation, Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson share a five-step system for creating a powerful business website. You’ll discover:

  • How to create a website that’s easy to maintain and update over time.
  • How to break down your website-related tasks into chunks so they’re easy to complete and keep up with.
  • The crucial task that many forget … it will make the difference between website fame and website obscurity.

We’ll show you how to invest your time and effort so you end up with a site that shows your business in the best light. Sign up to get the link to The 5-Step System for a Powerful, Easy — and Beautiful — Website now.

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The Elements of Website Style

Everyone aspires to have a website that’s both useful and beautiful. In this Brown Bag Webinar, Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson will share the elements that make your site easy to use, and easy on the eyes.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this fast-paced presentation:

  • 4 ways you might be losing site visitors in the first few seconds, and what you can do to “plug the leaks.”
  • The basic principles of composition, and how to use them to keep your site visitors engaged.
  • The 3 crucial elements every business website should feature (does yours?).

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Structure Your Site for Success

Is your website navigation turning your site visitors away? In this Brown Bag Webinar, Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson show you how to make the most of the always-on “tour guide” that directs people to the pages they’re seeking.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this fast-paced presentation:

  • The 5 pages every website must have
  • How to create your menu items and set up submenus on a WordPress site
  • Ninja moves that make your menu easy to use
  • How to add a cool tooltip effect to your menu in one easy step
  • How to power up your SEO by structuring your menu the right way

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