Learn Marketing and Design for Your Business Over the Next Six Weeks


You’re reading this, so there’s a good chance you enjoy learning online.

And you’re reading a blog that features information about marketing and design, so there’s a good chance you’re interested in learning more about both of those topics.

Today’s post is brief, because I want to let you know that my online programs for learning more about marketing and design are open again for just four days.
I’d like you to consider signing up for one of them today.

Here they are:

Marketing Mastery Program

Marketing Mastery is for you if you have a design background, and need to understand how to use marketing to grow your business (and your clients’ businesses, too).

It’s ten modules that show you step-by-step how to create a solid marketing plan for your business. It focuses on elements of marketing like copywriting, and tactics like email marketing, social media marketing, print and advertising, and much more.

It’s written for people who have no marketing background. Plus it includes marketing tracking spreadsheets and a module on how to write a marketing plan that’s easy to follow and not overwhelming.

Design Mastery Program

Design Mastery is for you if you have a marketing background, and need to understand how to make your marketing materials look more polished and professional.

It’s ten modules that show you step-by-step how to build a big brand presence using graphic design. It’s written for non-designers, and I’ve been told that even people who can’t draw a straight line benefit from what they learn. Plus it includes ten done-for-you templates, so if you don’t want to design things yourself, a lot of the work is already done for you.

Brand Mastery Program

Brand Mastery is for you if you want to grow your business with the powerful combination of marketing and design together.

It will walk you through the whole process, from creating a solid marketing strategy for your business, all the way to representing your business visually on social media platforms. It combines the lessons from the Marketing Mastery and Design Mastery programs for a complete system for marketing your business.

It also includes my exclusive Brand Creator Tool, which allows you to record your marketing plans and design decisions and create a long-lasting guide that will help you implement what you learn in the years ahead.

All three programs save you time. You’ll learn how to master the marketing or design (or both) so you can use your newfound skills to grow your business.

And all three programs save you money. They cost less than hiring a professional for one small project.

To learn more about them, visit the page below:

Big Brand System Mastery Programs

Doors close this Saturday at 6 pm eastern. The programs will be offered again in May and October of this year, but why wait to start benefiting from mastering these subjects?

Big Brand System Mastery Programs

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