Are You Spinning Plates, or Running a Business?

VIP Coaching with Pamela Wilson

Spinning plats

Ever feel like you spend your days spinning plates?

Feel like you’re so busy balancing everything that you never have a chance to stop and take a look at what you’re doing with your business?

Do you ever wonder if you’re even working on the right things?

Introducing VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching helps you formulate a plan, figure out what to tackle first, and feel confident your efforts will move you toward your goals.

Your plate spinning days will soon be over. :-)

I’m Pamela Wilson, and I want to be your coach

pamela-vipI have founded and run two very successful businesses — one a consulting-based offline business, and one an online-based business.

And now, I’m working full time as Executive Vice President of Educational Content for Rainmaker Digital. I manage the day-to-day operations of the Copyblogger blog, one of the most influential marketing blogs in the world.

I also oversee the educational products we offer at Rainmaker Digital. It’s a big job, and I love it!

You probably know my strengths are branding, marketing and design — both offline and online.

You may not know I excel at helping people systematize their businesses and run them more efficiently.

That I love connecting people with resources and team members who can help them.

That I am obsessed with helping people grow their businesses in terms of money, reach, and satisfaction.

Feeling frozen?

I’ve met a lot of people through the years who are feeling “frozen.”

And by frozen, I mean you have great ideas — sometimes too many ideas — but you feel you can’t move forward because you need feedback on what you’re doing. You want to know if you’re heading in the right direction.

VIP Coaching helps you get unfrozen, and start making progress again.

Change on the horizon?

Sometimes your business is going through a transition. You need help navigating the change and making your new plans work.

VIP Coaching helps you through those rough spots that happen during times of change. You’ll have a smoother ride and easier transition when you have support.

Want to build your bottom line?

Sometimes, you’re trying to develop a new source of income — often online income — and you need ideas and guidance.

VIP Coaching can help you develop an online presence, from deciding on a business name to growing the income your online ventures earn.

“Money wasn’t an issue for me, so the only hesitation I had was if I was ready for coaching. Was I able to articulate my business goals and objectives? Would I be able to make efficient use of the coaching time?

Working with Pamela provided much needed focus and validation of what I was trying to accomplish. I was able to move forward much more quickly and confidently than if I hadn’t had her expert opinion.

Understanding my business and where I was with it was key for me. Pamela provided specific solutions to the obstacles I was having…as I was having them. That is something that is difficult to get from reading a book or attending a webinar.

I would highly recommend coaching with Pamela. Her ability to understand your specific business issues and provide practical solutions to overcoming obstacles is invaluable. I loved working with Pamela so much I’m a repeat coaching customer!” –Jan Golden, Boomer Web School owner and Huffington Post author

What is VIP Coaching?

VIP Coaching is one targeted, intensive coaching session. It includes:

  • A State of Your Business form. This four-page form will help you clarify what you most need help with right now. You’ll share some basic information about your business history, your current challenges, and what you want help with. This will allow us to hit the ground running from the moment we get on the phone together.
  • A 1-hour private coaching call with me, Pamela Wilson. Our call can be recorded if you’d like, and I’ll send you the recording within 24 hours. See below for more on the kinds of topics we can cover.
  • A Recommendations for the Future report. This report features recommendations tailored for you and your business, based on our time working together and your upcoming goals. You’ll receive this within a couple of days of our call.

After you place your order, here’s what happens

1. You receive the State of Your Business Form

State of Your Business FormWHAT YOU’LL GET: A confidential editable PDF form that you’ll fill out with your goals, challenges, and the specific areas you’d like to work on during our time together.

You’ll gain clarity about your business and your current challenges just from filling out this form. You’ll start your coaching off right because you’ll evaluate where you are, and where you want to be.

2. We schedule our 1-hour phone call.

Coaching callsWHAT YOU’LL GET: My undivided attention and 25+ years of business and marketing experience focused on your business challenges exclusively for one full hour.

Our call is scheduled at mutually convenient times via my easy-to-use online scheduling system. I’ll call you on a land line, cell phone or Skype: whatever is most convenient for you.

I can also record our calls if you’d like. That way you don’t have to try to take notes about everything we cover, and can listen again at your convenience.

Together, we’ll develop strategies for boosting your business whether it’s through marketing efforts, systems, or technology you can implement to make your business run more smoothly.

3. At the end of our VIP Coaching Call, I’ll create a Recommendations for the Future Report for you

Recommendations for the Future reportWHAT YOU’LL GET: The multi-page Recommendations for the Future report will summarize the strategies and tactics we’ve discussed, and give you specific recommendations for how to implement them as you move forward.

You’ll have written recommendations tailored to your business needs, challenges and goals.

You might be thinking:

“I know I need coaching, but I’m not sure I have time for it!”

For a minimal time investment, you’ll get guidance, advice, and feedback that are targeted to you and you only. I’ll do the heavy thinking: you simply state what’s happening and hand your challenges to me, and I’ll come up with solid solutions for you.

“Pamela’s coaching is nothing short of miraculous. She asked excellent clarifying questions about the goals for my business and for coaching — and then got down to the business of coaching me through them one by one.

At the end of each call I had a clear “how-to and to-do” to support my business and marketing success.

I got more value from one hour of business coaching with Pamela than I have with any other coach. If you’re wondering if you should coach with Pamela — please don’t. You and your business will forever changed!” –Lee Miller, Pink Bubble Gum Websites

“I’m not sure it will be worth the money I spend.”

You can’t compare personal, one-on-one coaching to group coaching experiences you may have had, or courses or seminars you may have attended. This is focused attention devoted exclusively to you and your business. It’s your chance to shine.

“Before I started coaching I wondered if this would be an effective use of my money. Would Pamela demand I jump through hoops so huge that I would end up with advice I couldn’t implement without hiring a team?

Now I have a brand and I understand how the pieces fit together. I know why I wasn’t getting ahead and even more importantly, I can now figure out what’s next – and there’s always a next. That helps me prioritize my time and I don’t feel torn between competing interests now. I’ve gotten rid of the finger paints and started using a real brush.

My product mailing list is growing for the first time in a year and now people are getting to know me and what I can do for them.

Pamela let me explore within parameters that had a goal. I was free to create what I thought might work, knowing that it was a cobblestone on a road rather than a barrier on a super-highway.

I do more than recommend this coaching. I endorse it. This simple weekly check-in with calls at specific milestones let me find the problem that was stopping me from going forward. It set me on a road I can handle.” –David Pederson, Technical Copywriter

“I’m afraid I’ll sign up and then get too busy to do the work.”

Remember, your results don’t all have to happen immediately after we work together.

My goal is for you to finish our coaching session with goals in sight and a plan in hand that guides you as you work to reach them.

Fired Up! GuaranteeMy “Fired Up!” Guarantee

I guarantee you’ll be so thrilled with the advice, guidance, and feedback you receive from your session that you’ll be fired up and excited to start applying it all to your business. If not, I’ll refund your VIP Coaching investment in full, no questions asked.

VIP Coaching sessions run $497. They’re available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Because of my position at Rainmaker Digital, my coaching sessions happen weekday evenings, or on weekends. Right now, there are only three spots available. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to schedule your time.

Reserve a VIP Coaching session with Pamela Wilson.


“I fully expected to get useful input and advice from Pamela, but I wondered whether I’d have the time to put it all into practice. But her advice and feedback is always detailed and practical enough to make it actionable.

Pamela’s coaching emboldens me to go for it! It’s so nice to be taken seriously and to be respected by someone as expert and experienced as Pamela. Her confidence in me (along with her guidance) meant I ended up overshooting my goals. I have a new product almost ready to go and a detailed actionable plan for the rest of the year.

Pamela helped me develop focus and ensure my efforts are invested where I’ll get the best results. I have clear and realistic expectations for my business now. I’m a bit less precious I think, which means I can get on and give things a go—whether they go well or not, I’ll learn from the process and it will inform my plan from there.

You can’t go wrong with Pamela. You’ll gain motivation, direction and momentum. Her insight, determination and generosity will ensure you and your business will gain so much from coaching with her.” –Jacqueline Stone, Therapist and owner of

You’ll finish your coaching session with goals in sight and a plan in hand that guides you as you work to reach them. And remember, your investment is backed by a no-risk money-back guarantee: the exclusive “Fired Up!” Guarantee:

Fired Up! GuaranteeThe “Fired Up!” Guarantee

I guarantee you’ll be so thrilled with the advice, guidance, and feedback you receive from our session that you’ll be fired up and excited to start applying it all to your business. If not, I’ll refund your VIP Coaching investment in full, no questions asked.

Get VIP Coaching and start making progress today

Reserve a VIP Coaching session with Pamela Wilson.


“I knew I needed some direction and focusing but didn’t know where to locate someone I could trust. I really related when I read Pamela’s website and all the content she sent out in her teaching modules. Once I felt I could trust her, I was ready to commit.

Working with Pamela helped me focus my goals and clear away the clutter with regard to my plans. I now have a path that I can follow to take my business and career to the next level.

One thing stands out about my coaching experience with Pamela — she didn’t overwhelm me with too much. We concentrated on the essential things that needed tweaking and didn’t get distracted with all the peripheral details.

The three greatest benefits:

  1. Of course, forcing me to sit down and plan on a regular basis
  2. A sense of accountability — I knew I would be speaking with Pamela and wanted to make the session worthwhile so put some muscle into being prepared
  3. Most importantly, benefiting from her highly experienced perspective that forced me to think outside the box

I would definitely recommend VIP Coaching with Pamela. She is so easy to talk to, so genuine and sincere, and clearly has a high level of expertise. Everyone is anxious about participating in a coaching session to some degree but with Pamela, you feel both challenged and well supported.–Vikki Stark, M.S.W., Director, Sedona Counseling Centre of Montreal

PS: Signing up for VIP Coaching means you’ll get to put my focused attention and 25+ years of experience toward your stickiest business challenges. Click the green button, and let’s get started.

Reserve a VIP Coaching session with Pamela Wilson.


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