Good Design: How Much is it Worth?

brand strategy involves deciding how much to invest in your websiteHashim Warren, of sent me a great question recently. Hashim is setting up his new site, and is wondering about the return on his design investment.

“I’m starting a new project and I don’t know how much time, focus, and money to spend on design right out of the gate.”

There’s no single answer that will work for everyone, but I can give Hashim (and you) some guidelines that will help your decision process.

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Ebook Makeover Clinic

Good Design Decisions Can Save You Money

One of my Big Brand System blog readers, Deborah Hanchey, wanted to spend big bucks on design software to create a better looking ebook. She planned to buy Adobe InDesign, but what her ebook really needed was design, not InDesign.

Purchasing Adobe InDesign would have set her back almost $700.00. Instead, she made some good design decisions using the software she had on her computer already: Microsoft Word. The final product is an ebook she’s proud to sell.

(NOTE: This post was written well before eBook Evolution was available. Deborah has since purchased that product, and is happily creating ebooks using the exclusive templates and the writing and marketing techniques in that product.)

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