Plan a Promotional Page that Provokes Action (And Download a Free Checklist)

If you’re putting together a promotional message for your small business, whether it’s a newspaper ad, a web landing page, or a flyer, there are design principles you can put to work for you that will make your page more effective.

These principles aren’t just about color and typefaces.

Good design starts with a well-thought-out message and then it focuses on the visual.

Master the basic content and appearance elements, and your promotions will move your audience to take action.

brand marketing with a promotional page that provokes actionA checklist for now (and later)

Are you planning to work on promotional materials in the future?

Download this editable Promotions Checklist to use as a reference every time you start work on a promotion. Going through this checklist will ensure you include the most important elements for a successful piece. You’ll have a plan to follow that will guide the process.

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6 Ways Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Twitter

Editor’s Note: I’m thrilled to introduce you to my favorite – and funny – social media expert, Grandma Mary. She’s here to share her favorite Twitter tips for small business owners just like you. –Pamela Wilson

brand marketing with Twitter is easy with tips from Grandma MaryGrandma Mary here.

Thanks Pamela, for letting me hijack the Big Brand System for the day. Because I’ve got a beef about all the information on how to use Twitter. A lot of it is directed towards large corporations and managing the “big brand” as you say. But what about the smaller businesses – how are they using Twitter?

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Become a Logo Design Connoisseur With These Five Tips

creating a brand for your business is easy when you're a logo design connoisseurYou need a logo design, and you need it now. You’ll either:

  • Work with a graphic designer to create it
  • Use one of the online logo design companies
  • Design it yourself

How will you know if the designs you consider are great, or if they just stink? What makes a logo successful anyway?

Here are five tips to help you discern whether you’re looking at a timeless work of art that will represent your business well for many years, or a weak excuse for a brand. Use them to help you pick the best image from the group you’re presented with or the designs you come up with yourself.

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Strip Down to the Bare Facts

He that uses many words for explaining any subject, doth, like the cuttlefish, hide himself for the most part in his own ink.  —JOHN RAY, Naturalist (1627-1705)

brand marketing is stronger when you strip down to bare factsThree hundred years before the Internet, John Ray wrote the words above. How could he possibly have known that blogs would explode, communicating with your customers in a conversational tone would become the norm, and “hiding yourself in your own ink” would turn out to be the gravest mistake a small business could make?

Because using too many words does just that: it hides you, and it obscures your message. You spray a bunch of random words out, your readers’ minds wander, and you lose their interest.

Good marketing holds interest, so let’s see what you can do to edit your copy until your message shines through.

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