Font Addicts Unite


I have confessed to font addiction before, so that’s nothing new. When you have over 10,000 fonts on your computer, you know your “problem” runs deep.

company fonts can be hard to choose when there are so many typefaces out there

With that size collection, what can you do to keep them organized? And honestly, how can you really keep track of and remember all those different letter forms?

I was contacted by Lisa Wood of Sprout New Media this week. Lisa had two questions, and by her questions alone, I knew she was a fellow addict!

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How to Use Social Media for M*!%^*ing

I’m happy to have a guest post from Dave Charest today. Dave helps indie artists market themselves better. He has a way of cutting through the confusion and getting to the essentials when it comes to marketing, so I knew you’d enjoy hearing from him. Let’s make him feel welcome with some comments, shall we? –Pamela

brand marketing is easier with tips from DaveWhoops! Sorry, I used the ugly ‘M’ word.

Yeah, it’s true. So many people have such a disdain for “marketing” that it’s a bit of a curse word these days.

Then come all these social media tools that allow everyone to market all the time. It’s not surprising people have had enough.

But Is It Really Marketing People are Sick Of?

It’s my belief that it’s not marketing, but rather bad marketing that gets under people’s skin. So as you go through the process of sorting out the effect of social media and the Internet on your small business, I’d like to offer you a frame from which to approach your journey.

A frame that allows you to use social media to create marketing that people love. Marketing that people actually want to share. Marketing that works to grow your small business.

Here’s the first question we’ll need to ask…

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7 Small Business Marketing Tips Inspired by Mad Men

I don’t make time to watch television because I get too impatient with the commercials. I find myself analyzing them to figure out how they were made, and why. I pick apart the copywriting, and silently critique the camera angles. It feels like work!

brand marketing tips taken from the hit TV show Mad Men

But this time of year, once a week, I reserve time for Mad Men. The AMC channel’s Emmy award-winning drama series is well written and beautifully filmed. The characters are engaging and believable, and many of them can teach us something. Read on for small business marketing advice you can glean from Mad Men’s colorful cast.

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