A Peaceful Transition to a Brand New Site

Improving your site involves a million little decisions, and that might make you nervous. Not Leah! She and I spoke a few weeks ago, and as soon as we hung up the phone, she started making improvements on her website. She started with this:

brand strategy on your website includes analyzing the current structure and design
Here’s what Peaceful Plant Communication looked like when Leah and I chatted.

… and you can see what her site looks like now at the bottom of this post, or by visiting PeacefulPlanetCommunication.com

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Design and Marketing Guides to Show You the Way

brand marketing and design master guides from the Big Brand System

NOTE: These guides are no longer available. Interested in building your brand? Take a look at the Quick-Start Guide to Branding Your Business.

Confused by Design and Marketing? Ready to Learn More?

Good design and effective marketing aren’t optional for your business.

Why? Because good design is a minimal standard in our society. It allows your business to sit at the grown up table. It makes people take your business seriously. If your design is substandard, poorly executed and hard to read, you lose money. Period.

And effective marketing is what keeps your business running. It’s the conveyor belt that brings customers in the door. When done right, it carries people along from interested prospects to loyal, devoted, repeat customers.

If you’re ready to get serious about making your business look trustworthy and consistently polished and professional, these guides are for you.

I surveyed you, my readers, last fall. You’re frustrated, because you want to understand how marketing works. You don’t know where to start when it comes to designing your marketing materials. These self-study guides will help you master these subjects so you can save money and time by handling your marketing yourself.

Read below to get the highlights of each guide, and click through to get all the details — you’re just two clicks away from getting started.

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