Uncover Your Brand Personality in 10 Minutes or Less

make your brand personality shine throughNOTE: This post includes a free worksheet you can use to do the exercise I describe below. Enjoy, and let me know what you discover! – Pamela

Every brand has a personality, and if you’re in charge of your own brand, it’s crucial to figure out what that personality is, and how to communicate it consistently.

What is a Brand, Really?

You probably expect me to talk about your logo, don’t you? A logo can be part of a brand, but it’s not the whole story — not by a long shot. Your brand is the experience customers have when doing business with your company. It includes:

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Don’t Do These 5 Dirty Design Deeds

brand building includes choosing a distinctive color palette, not the whole rainbowDesign is a series of decisions. When you know enough to make good decisions, everything you design looks better. And it’s not hard. Anyone can do it, even you!

Maybe it’s because I’m such a visual person, but I see a lot of really bad design decisions out there. I’m ready to call them what they are: dirty design deeds.

They’re cheap and they’re easy to abuse. You can avoid them once you know what they are.

In recognition of these dirty deeds, I’ve created a Please Stop list. If you’re using these techniques, please stop. Now.

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4 Simple Ways to Run Your Business like an NBA Team Captain

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Laura Petrolino today. Laura’s a sports fan, as we saw in this post. I loved her take on what the best NBA players can teach us about business, and I hope you do, too! –Pamela Wilson

brand strategies learned from the leadership qualities of an NBA captainToday, the NBA is half sport and half soap opera, with a cast of characters complete with both divas and criminals (all with really big feet). However if you look beyond the hype, you’ll find a few shining examples of extremely talented leaders. Players who succeed — not just because they know how to play the game, but because they know how to lead.

As a former Portland, Oregon resident and long time Trail Blazer fan, Brandon Roy is the epitome of leadership. His role with the Blazers over the last five years can provide leadership insights for any business owner.

So if you want learn how to run your business like Brandon Roy, strap on a pair of size 12 Nikes and take note:

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Doctor, Do I Need a Logo?

make your brand look sharp without consulting a professionalOne of the members in my Big Brand System course asked a while back whether or not she needed a logo for her business.

You might think that’s like asking a surgeon if you need surgery for a medical problem. (Of course you do!)

I’m here to tell you that you can get away with not having a logo. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about how to present your tagline or your business, though.

And it doesn’t mean you can just type out your business name in Helvetica and call it a day!

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Unlock the Power of the Grid

how to design a good web page using gridsGrids are a designer’s best friend, and anyone can use them to put together pages that look organized and cohesive.

The way to work with a grid is to break your page into small units. You combine these units together — while respecting the underlying grid — to create interesting pages that have variety, but look unified.

Say, What?

If that doesn’t make sense, it’s because talking about grids doesn’t communicate their power. It will make more sense to you if we look at some examples.

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