Why "I’m Not Creative" is a Bunch of Baloney

You are creativeYou’re creating a brand for your business, but there’s one thing holding you back.

By the end of this post, it won’t hold you back anymore. The specific techniques I’ll show you today will quiet that little voice that’s been lying to you since you were in grade school.

You know which voice I’m talking about, right?

It’s the one that says “I’m not creative.”

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Designing Your Brand: Movement, Music and More

First, the behind-the-scenes story

Design your brand idea

You know how you feel when you get a great idea for a new project? You’re sure it holds a lot of promise, but you know how much work it will take to see it through and design a brand for it.

That’s how Karyn Greenstreet and I felt last April. I realized that — in addition to my courses — I wanted to offer business owners a solution that went beyond branding. I wanted to work directly with people who had been in business a while, and were ready to grow their business to the next level.

I wanted to mentor business owners, and offer masterminding, too. Mastermind groups are business brainstorming/support groups. Karyn is a nationally-known expert on mastermind groups and — lucky for me — has been in my personal mastermind group for the past eight years.

My mastermind group is one of the main reasons for my successful offline and online businesses.

So here I was last April — thinking about how to create a new program for you that would offer you the same successful combination I’ve used — with a nationally-known expert sitting in front of me.

I’ll bet you can guess what I did.

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Designing Your Brand: The Power of a Simple Logo

creating a brand with simple ideas that point out your messageWhat is it about a well-made logo that gives it the power to inspire, motivate and influence people to take action?

Logos don’t have to be elaborate to work really well.

If you want your simple logo to be effective, there are a few steps that are absolutely essential. They have nothing to do with your drawing ability, or which colors you choose.

In today’s post, I’m going to do something I don’t usually do. I’m going to show you the logo ideas that didn’t make the cut, and tell you why they were weak and ineffective.

It’s my dirty logo laundry, aired in public. Scandalous!

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8 Weeks to Metamorphosis: How to Create Brand Transformation

Create your brand through transformationHow would you like to learn a secret that will make your brand resonate with your target market?

Here it is: the best brands make a promise on the outside about what their customers will experience when they’re inside doing business with that company.

The best marketing is always based on the truth of who a company is, what it represents, and how it can help prospective customers.

Finding Your Brand’s Truth

When you’re running your own business — and you’re in charge of presenting your company to the world —you’re in for a challenge.

It can be extremely difficult to discover your brand’s true image by yourself, and then turn around and present it in a way that invites your perfect customers to do business with your company.

But this work is crucial. Here’s why:

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