Your Small Business Website: 10 Reasons to Sweat the Details

Your website can be one of your most powerful marketing allies, or it can send the wrong message and drive your prospects into your competitors’ arms. Which will it be for you?

Small business websites

Today’s post is designed to make you think about all the ways your website could work for you. First, though, you have to sweat the details. Get started by grabbing a few of the suggestions below, and applying them to your site this week.

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7 Website Phobias That Are Holding You Back (and How to Overcome Them)

Websites for small businessWhat are you afraid of?

It’s natural to be uneasy about things unknown. But when it comes to your small business website, you may be nurturing unreasonable fears that have no basis in reality.

This post will take a look at them one by one, and show you how to conquer them once and for all.

1. Technologiphobia: “I’m not technical”

Nowadays you don’t have to be technically inclined.

With self-hosted WordPress, good premium themes and information that’s readily available, discomfort with the technical parts of running a website won’t hold you back anymore.

The technology available now makes putting together web pages no more challenging than creating a document in Microsoft Word. And you can handle that, right? 😉

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Websites Made Easy, Even for Beginners

If your website is frustrating and difficult to maintain — or even if you don’t have a site at all and are just starting out — I have a new, no-cost course to offer you called Setting Up Your Website the Easy and Smart Way. Click to sign up above and you’ll get the first lesson right away! [This offer is now over: thanks for your interest!]

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

  • What to look for in a web host, including a short checklist that will tell you if your budget web host is worth the money
  • The #1 web hosting mistake: don’t fall for this trap!
  • The elements of a successful domain name and how to pick a winner
  • Where to sign up for your domain name: we share our favorite resource
  • The industry-standard website creation tools used by some of the most powerful sites on the web today: they’re accessible to you, too, and we’ll show you where to find them
  • The two simple design decisions that will make your website look polished and professional

You’ll receive two exclusive special reports with in-depth information on setting up your website the easy way.

And you’ll get access to our no-cost on-demand class called Love Your Website. It’s a fast-paced, graphic-rich presentation that will walk you through how to get your site up and running, step-by-step.

I can’t wait to share these new resources with you. There’s no cost to you at all, so sign up now and you’ll get the first lesson today.

Free Motivational Posters

To inspire you to make the change to a more effective website, I’ve created a series of mini posters. Click here to download them. Find the one you like the best, print it out and put it on display where it will motivate you to take the steps needed to LOVE your website.

7 Reasons Ebooks Are The Perfect Ambassador for Your Brand

You are sitting in front of a powerful machine that’s capable of creating a vehicle that will spread your brand’s message around the globe. Don’t believe me?

This post is going to prove it to you.

The computer you’re using is capable of creating powerful PDF documents — ebooks — that can communicate, captivate and convert prospects to customers. Read on to discover seven reasons I’m bullish on ebooks, and why you should be, too.

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