The 13 Minute, 33 Second Website

Last year, I converted the Big Brand System website over to the Prose theme by StudioPress, and wrote a review about it here.

But Prose is So … Plain

Prose is plain when you first see it. Let’s face it, when you go to the StudioPress theme showcase, Prose looks like the wallflower theme that never gets a turn on the dance floor because she’s so ordinary looking.

Dress Her Up and She’s Ready to Go in 15 Minutes

I’m here to report that Prose will help you create a gorgeous custom website that’s full of color and images, and is 100% unique … and you will be astounded at how fast it is.

In the video above, I prove it to you: watch as I put together a custom website style in 13 minutes and 33 seconds without knowing a line of code.

Question of the Week

Do you use WordPress and a premium theme? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

I know my readers are WordPress users, but there are also plenty of Drupal, Joomla and HTML websites out there. Let me know what you’re using, and share any questions you may have about the video above.

The Shocking Truth About What We Really Think About Your Brand

Your brand impressionDo you have one of those brands?

You know, the ones people secretly snicker about?

Here’s what they’re saying under their breath:

“I don’t know what this company does!”

“Their website looks like a 12-year-old designed it.”

“Their sales techniques are so slimy I don’t want to deal with them.”

“I can’t remember the name of the company.”

If you’re worried that people are saying these things about your brand, read on. These issues have fixes, and I’m going to share them with you today.

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The Dirt Cheap Way to Build a Brand: No Creative Skills Required

Build a brand cheapYou don’t have to be especially creative to build a memorable brand, but you do have to be meticulous.

Today’s post will review three key interactions you need to get right if you want to have a memorable, trustworthy brand. We’re not going to talk about colors, fonts or white space, either: it’s all about human interaction.

Careless to Careful

Even if you’re not the meticulous type, you can do this. Taking extra care at these three junctures will help your prospect morph smoothly into a customer, and then a satisfied customer who refers you new business in the future.

Get these three touch points right, and your company’s image will be cemented in their minds better than any ad campaign could do it, and you won’t spend as much, either.

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