The Lazy Way to Build a Long-Lasting Brand

Lazy Business BrandingIt’s summer in the US, and here’s what it’s like where I live:

  • It’s so warm some days, it’s hard to think straight
  • Everything moves a little slower in business and life
  • Lots of people are on vacation, so it’s especially challenging to set up meetings and phone calls

The lazy days and long nights make our minds wander away from business, and toward relaxation.

You may be feeling a little lazy, and that’s OK. After all, the farmer has to let his fields lie fallow every so often if he wants to harvest a good crop from the soil. We should do this, too!

Let’s go with that feeling, and find some lazy ways to build your brand.

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Your Never-Ending Website Project: How to Accept and Embrace the Ball and Chain

Website maintenance
Updating your website might feel like a ball and chain around your ankle. But it can become an ongoing task you enjoy!

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your website will never be done. And that’s good.

Don’t think of website maintenance like other business tasks like drafting an email, writing a report, or creating a proposal. It has a beginning, but it has no end.

That may sound daunting (or depressing!), but it’s not so bad if you change the way you approach it.

Today’s post spells out how to keep up with your website maintenance, and what you should work on to make your site better over time.

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Does This Font Make Me Look Fat?

You may not like the way those jeans fit you, but your fonts? Don’t worry: we can do something about your fonts!

Everyone knows that to look good in your clothes, you have to pick the right styles for your body type.

It’s no different with fonts. To pick a great font for your business, you have to know who you expect to read it, and how you plan to use it.

If you’re not happy with the image your fonts are reflecting, read on to find out how to pick some that will be a perfect fit for the style you want your business to convey.

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