How to Market Your Business in Terrifying Times

You’re reading this on the Internet today, but I might not be.

I’m in the path of Hurricane Sandy, which is being billed as the largest storm to ever hit the US coast. I’m writing this on Monday morning just as the rain and wind are both starting to pick up.

Thankfully I’m inland, and we’ll be fine. There will likely be local flooding and we’ll lose power, but we’re ready. Those on the coastlines will have it harder, and my thoughts are with them.

Emergency Marketing Preparedness Measures

These kinds of major weather events come along a couple of times a year where I live. If it’s not a hurricane, it’s a major snowstorm that keeps us indoors and knocks out power for days.

Maybe it’s because I’ve come to expect these times, but I’ve developed systems to market my business that continue to hum along even if my life is completely disrupted.

You can develop them, too. It’s a matter of planning ahead and putting systems in place that will work even if you can’t. The bonus is that these same systems work for you even when you’re not experiencing an emergency.

It may take a hurricane to motivate you to get them set up, but you’ll be grateful you have marketing systems in place even on sunny days.

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How to Build Trust While You Build Your Business

Build trust with good designNOTE: This program is now closed. For more help from Big Brand System, check out the offerings in our store.

Good design is a visual representation of an organized mind. And it can be a visual representation of an organized business, too.

Good design demonstrates that your business is worthy of trust by representing your marketing message with consistently high standards.

When you combine solid marketing strategy with sophisticated graphic design, you build trust. And a trustworthy business attracts more prospects, keeps more customers, and makes more money.

This concept — combining marketing and design to build trust — is what Big Brand System is about.

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Why Most Advertising is a Waste of Time, and What You Should Do Instead

Have you been feeling guilty about not advertising your small business?

Do you have advertising sales reps calling you, and you just can’t bring yourself to commit to running an ad?


Until you have at least a four-figure budget to spend, advertising isn’t a good solution for your small business. Instead, let’s look at what you can do to attract prospects, convert them to customers, and build your business without having to spend your hard-earned cash on advertising.

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The Business of Images in Your Business

You’ve thought about using images in business — but you haven’t because you’re “not artistic,” right?

See if my story sounds familiar …

When I was little, and my mother needed to keep me amused, one no-fail recipe was to sit me on the kitchen floor with a box of crayons and some brown paper grocery bags.

She’d ask me to draw pictures on the bags, and — since she then used the bags to throw out the trash — she’d tell me “the garbage men were going to love seeing my drawings when they picked up the garbage.”

I’m pretty sure it was my first graphic design job, come to think of it.

We were all artists once

All of us have stories about how we created art when we were little. Whether you enjoyed drawing, finger painting, creating clay creatures or making mud pies in the back yard, you made something from nothing all the time.

But at some point, you probably stopped.

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Huddle Up for Marketing Image Training 101

Alright team, gather ’round.

Here’s the situation: our business competitors are out there using images in their marketing every day. We’re getting left behind!

We’ve got to get out there and learn, practice and work hard so we can use images with the best of them.

What’s that in the back? What do you mean “images don’t really matter?” Oh, yes they do!

Images help your prospects sort through the mountains of information they’re exposed to every day. They help them understand and resonate with your marketing messages.

Good visuals clarify your communication, and engage all sides of your readers’ brains. Of course they matter!

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