Do You Have What it Takes to Market Your Business Yourself?

It takes guts. And courage. And a measure of skill, and some intuition.

Marketing takes persistence

And persistence. Relentless persistence.

But is it worth the effort? Oh, yeah. It sure is.

You have lots of reasons for wanting to market your business yourself. Sometimes it’s your need to express your vision to the world. It might be your desire to learn the marketing process firsthand.

Sometimes it’s out of pure necessity: funds are tight, and there’s no budget to hire outside help.

For whatever reason, you’ve realized that doing your own marketing is a good idea.

But do you have what it takes to do it successfully? Answer the four questions below, and you’ll know.

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Why Slides Rock (and Why You Should Start Making Them)

Today I want to talk to you about why slides rock. And what better way to do that than to show you a quick slide presentation?

Here’s why slides rock, and why you should make slide presentations for your business

Last year, I started a new series at Big Brand System called Brown Bag Webinars. Every month, I host a live webinar on a different topic that’s designed to help people grow their businesses. These webinars are basically live slide presentations.

We’ve covered topics like websites, marketing, ebooks, using images to market your business, branding, color and more.

As a matter of fact, all the webinar are available to watch instantly right here on the website. To get a webinar replay, just click on Brown Bag Webinars in the navigation menu. Then fill in your email address for the webinar you want to see, and I’ll send you the link, plus any bonus materials I shared during the webinar.

Let’s get back to why slides rock. I’ve got four reasons to share with you, but there are a lot more.

Reason #1: Easy social media images

Your attention-getting slides can get you extra attention when you share them on social media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Reason #2: Amplify your message on YouTube

It’s simple to record your slide presentation and share it on YouTube as a video. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and you want your business to be there. That’s exactly what I did with the video above.

Reason #3: Instant email marketing images

Slide images are perfect for your email marketing: use them to illustrate concepts you talk about and make your emails stand out in those inboxes. Because your slides will all have a similar graphic style (if you make them right, that is) they’ll look good when used together.

Reason #4: Animate your sales message

You can embed your slide shows on your sales page to show people what your product offers, and why it helps. It’s a simple way to animate your sales message for those who prefer to watch and not read.

This week’s question

Have you created and used slides before? If you have, were they for a live presentation, or for one of the uses I mentioned above?

Choosing Brand Colors That Move People to Action

Color is the first visual element people notice about your brand. Before fonts, shapes, scale or design, color registers in the eyes of your prospects.

Brand colors

The biggest mistake I see, especially online, is that people aren’t brave enough about using color. They stick with black, white and grey. They don’t venture away from safe neutrals.

And that’s a shame. Because color online is free to use. You don’t have to pay anything extra to have a full color website the way you do in the print world. Color is there for the taking, and is available for everyone online to benefit from.

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How to Choose Two Brand Colors for Your Business

Want to make a big impression for just a small investment of time? Find two brand colors to associate with your business and your brand will suddenly be:

  • Easy to recognize and remember
  • Simple to apply consistently

Color, after all, is free to use on the web. And color printing is less expensive than ever.

But how should you go about building a color palette for your business?

With millions of colors available, where do you start?

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