Early adopter

Are You An Early Adopter, or Do You Wait and See?

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’m an unabashed early adopter. I update my hardware, upgrade my software, and buy the newest solution to my latest challenge at the drop of a hat.

But that doesn’t describe everyone. Some people prefer to wait and see before they invest. They want to:

  • See the results people get from a product
  • Read testimonials about the experiences of real students in a class
  • Look at reviews to see what people say about a product after it’s been around a while

In other words, they’re cautious. There’s nothing wrong with that! If you’re in this group, you proceed carefully and make decisions in a deliberate fashion.

The early adopter group, on the other hand, wants to be among the first to try something new. They believe:

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You’re My Hero: Here’s Why

I recently celebrated four years since I first began to think about what would eventually become Big Brand System.

Customer hero medal

Back in 2009, I had no idea if it would work. I just knew that I wanted to serve a group of people who were under served, and in need of help.

They were smart, and they were successful in other areas of their lives. But when it came to marketing their businesses, they weren’t sure how to take the first steps, or what to do once they got going.

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Dear Shy Brand Owner … Can We Talk?

Shy brand ownerLook, I know it’s tough.

You want to create a recognizable brand for your business. But you don’t have:

  • A budget (or your budget is so tight you don’t know how to stretch it to cover your brand creation).
  • Any experience building a brand (except that lemonade stand you made a sign for when you were 7).
  • Any design skills at all (or skills you don’t completely trust).

Today’s post is going to show you how learning a new language is your first step toward breaking away from your shy brand syndrome.

Be sure to read to the end. I have a special offer for you (that expires at the end of this month) on a program that will help you build a powerful brand for your business. No more shy brand owner for you!

Ready to create a brand you feel proud of?

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Ebook Cover Design: 5 Winning Styles You Can Borrow

Once you’ve written an ebook you’re proud of, one of your final tasks is to create an eye-catching cover design for it.

Covers are important — we most definitely judge books by them! And the cover images we’re judging are increasingly small. That means our covers must look great at full size and be legible when drastically reduced.

If you’re not a designer, you may feel unqualified to tackle your cover design yourself.

Today’s post is here to help. I put together a handful of standard cover formats you can use as inspiration and a starting point for your next ebook cover design.

Check them out below, and be sure to read the description of each style so you can see if it fits with the kind of ebook you’ve written.

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How to Publish an Ebook by the End of the Year

You’ve heard about how ebooks can grow your business. And you like the idea of seeing your name on an ebook cover. But you haven’t done anything to make it happen.

What’s Stopping You? Maybe It’s That …

You think you’re not ready.

Here’s a secret: before writing their first ebook, most would-be authors feel the same way. They ask themselves “Who wants to read something from me? Why should they care?”

Despite these doubts, they persist and write their ebook. And that’s exactly what you have to do if you want to become a published author.

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