How to Find the Professional Graphic Designer of Your Dreams, Part 1

There will come a time in your business when you grow beyond the DIY stage. Maybe you’re there now.

This is usually a good sign. It means your business is successful enough that you simply don’t have time for do-it-yourself bookkeeping, website updates, or design.

When you reach this point, you’re often earning more, too.

This is the perfect time to work with a coach to help you manage your growth.

In the beginning, you had no money to spend, but you had time, so you learned how to do it yourself.

Now, you have no time to do it yourself, but you do have money to spend.

If your business is at this stage, you might be thinking about hiring a professional graphic designer. But this brings up a boatload of questions:

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How to Infuse Your Brand Voice With Personality

How to Infuse Your Brand Voice With Personality

A special treat this week: Henneke Duistermaat is debuting on Big Brand System! Henneke runs Enchanting Marketing, a website devoted to helping you grow your online business with friendly, charming, enchanting content. Today, she’s covering how to communicate your brand personality by using a unique “voice.” Let’s make her feel welcome in the comment section. –Pamela


How often do you come across a large corporate website that you enjoy reading? That sounds conversational? Welcoming and human?

And how often do corporate websites sound drab? Impersonal? Boring as hell?

As a small business owner you have a great opportunity.

To be different. Human. Personal.

To create a website that leaves web visitors begging to talk to you. To work with you. Because they love your voice, and they feel attracted to your personality.

Creating a website with personality may sound difficult, but it’s surprisingly easy. You just need to understand the three steps to develop an enchanting brand voice.

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Time saving Pinterest marketing tips

5 Time-Saving Tips for Pinterest Marketing

This week — for the first time ever — I’m pleased to feature the amazing Beth Hayden on Big Brand System. You may remember Beth from an interview we did about Pinterest a few months ago. That information was so popular that I asked if she’d share more of her Pinterest expertise in a guest post.

Let’s make her feel welcome in the comment section: ask any Pinterest question you may have, and Beth will be happy to answer. –Pamela


The visual bookmarking site Pinterest can be a useful instrument in any marketer’s toolbox. Right now, Pinterest drives more traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. So if you’re not already using this fun and engaging site, you might want to consider adding it your marketing routine.

But how do you use Pinterest (and get the full benefits from it) without it taking up all your time? How do you become a popular pinner without spending all day on Pinterest?

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How to Wow Them with WIdgets

How to Wow Them with Widgets

Before I found WordPress, I tried different solutions for getting my business on the web.

I went through a Dreamweaver stage, an iWeb stage (that was an Apple product), and a use-the-website-creator-your-webhost-offers stage.

At least I had something to show for my efforts.

But it wasn’t much. And my options for customizing those websites were limited. Then, in late 2009, I was introduced to WordPress. And I’m such a fan, I co-created a product that’s a step-by-step course about WordPress.

One of the best features of WordPress are the built-in widgets. Once you’ve mastered widgets, you’ll have the ability to add all sorts of cool functionality to your website.

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