Why Symptoms (Not Solutions) Are Your Copywriting Secret Weapon

You’re feeling under the weather so you go to your local doctor’s office.

Before you can speak, a prescription is thrust into your hand.

“This is what you need”

You’re directed out of the office towards the pharmacy where you can ‘buy’ your cure.

Are you going to buy the prescribed treatment with confidence? Are you even going to buy at all?

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Unearth marketing gold

Digging Deep to Unearth Marketing Gold

This classic Big Brand System post shares an important question we can all ask to get to the heart of our marketing message. It may seem too simple to be effective, but this exercise is powerful.

The magic question that gets at the heart of all marketing efforts is:

And that's important because?And that’s important because?

It’s a question that helps you to make your small business marketing more effective, because it starts with the obvious, and forces you to dig deeper.

When you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to target your message, because you’ll understand what really motivates your target market.

Let’s see what asking this question does in practice.

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