How to Map Your Buyer's Journey

From Skeptical Prospect to Loyal Customer: How to Map Your Buyer’s Journey

Whether or not your prospect buys from you comes down to their experience.

Every time a consumer makes a decision to buy (or not to buy) a product, that decision is influenced by a zillion different little factors—all of which make up the overall buying experience.

While product, service, messaging, visual brand, and overall communications strategy are all crucial pieces on their own, even more important is how they work together to create an overall customer experience.

An effective buyer’s journey maximizes this experience. It integrates all the working pieces in a way that educates, builds confidence, provides motivation, and proactively addresses customers needs.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult thing to see in context.

We’re often so close to our product or service we suffer from the curse of knowledge. We don’t look at how our customers experience their journey through the buying process. We don’t consider the buyer’s journey.

To avoid this common pitfall, read on.

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The Hidden Wisdom of "Foolish" Decisions

I took Art class in high school (no surprise, right?) and in my junior year, one of my fellow students was a young exchange student from Sweden named Helena.

Helena was friendly, charming, and brought an international perspective to that particular class.

I talked about Helena at home and when I did, my mother asked me if I had ever thought about becoming an exchange student myself.

Thus began a “foolish” journey that would change my life.

I decided to apply to become an exchange student. I went through the rigorous application process (a 24-page written application; a group interview; a solo interview with a panel of adults; and a family interview where they talked to every member of my family.)

And then I waited. And waited.

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