5 Innovative Ways Your Customer Testimonials Can Win You Business

Have you ever bought something because a friend or relative recommended it?

Tickets to a movie, perhaps? Or a meal at a restaurant?

So you know this is true:

Happy customers make brilliant salespeople.

What they say boosts confidence and persuades us to buy. No wonder business websites often include a page for customer testimonials.

Many businesses stop here, though. But what if you look beyond testimonials? Can you do more to let grateful customers spread the word about you?

You can.

Put happy customers in the spotlight on your website, in your emails, and on social media to encourage referrals, build relationships and win business.

Like to know how?

The following five tips will help you unleash your super sales team.

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3 Simple Essentials for Building an Impressive Brand

Back in late 2009, I became antsy.

I’d helped people market their businesses, organizations, practices, and publications for over 20 years.

Between the variety of clients I was privileged to serve, the wide variety of marketing problems I’d solved, and my ongoing education (which was always a priority), I knew I had a lot to offer. I wanted to get my knowledge in front of a larger group of people than just the clients I served in person.

So I decided to write a book.

Except, while researching writing a book, I stumbled onto the idea of building an online presence and reaching an audience that way instead. This site you’re reading has been — up until this year — my “book.”

Now, I’m in the process of finally writing that book I dreamed about back in 2009.

If you want to follow along (and discover the answers to all the questions a newbie author has along the way), listen in to my podcast with Jeff Goins. Jeff is a bestselling author who’s coaching me through the process of getting my first book published on the Zero to Book podcast.

How to create effective content marketing easily — that’s the topic of my book, Master Content Marketing.

And you may wonder how content marketing — sharing useful information online — fits into the overall “Big Brand” picture.

Today’s post will show you how content marketing builds your brand — and where it fits with the rest of the Big Brand essentials we talk about here.

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