How to Get Past Perfection Paralysis and Start Seeing Results

Over the years, I’ve coached dozens of business owners.

I love it. Together, we identify what’s holding them back. Then over time, we work to chip away at their challenges.

People who work with me over several months make very tangible progress in their businesses. It’s gratifying to watch and I’m honored to help.

But there’s a problem.

Client after client, this one issue keeps coming up

It’s a particular challenge that haunts business owners. And it has begun to bother me enough that I knew I needed to write about it.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business that you’re working to grow, chances are you’ve been held back because of the same issue.

Business owners suffer from a specific type of paralysis that makes moving forward nearly impossible. I call it “Perfection Paralysis.”

Perfect Paralysis sucks. It’s a continuous loop of thoughts that runs through your head and keeps you stuck where you are.

Today, we’re going to attack Perfection Paralysis head on, together. Ready?

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How to Speak to One to Reach Many

Have you heard about my friend Peter?

We featured Peter and his cheese shop in episode two of the Small Biz Stories podcast.

When we first met Peter, he called email marketing spam. And social media? “Anti-social media,” according to Peter.

The job of any good content marketer is to influence behavior over time and that’s what I was determined to do.

As I learned about Peter’s business through the interview, I also got a better understanding of the beliefs and views of my “audience of one.” And I used this newfound knowledge to help Peter transform his business.

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How to Write a Terrific Tagline

Wondering how to write a tagline that truly communicates your value?

Taglines are words that accompany your business name.

Here at the Big Brand System, the tagline is, “I teach people how to build online businesses they love.”

A tagline can be an asset if you know how to craft it.

It’s like a little salesperson who proclaims what’s best about what you do. So why do so many companies either not utilize them, or simply get them wrong?

Not enough attention has been paid to the humble tagline and I’m here to remedy that.

Let’s talk about how to write a tagline all by yourself — no copywriter needed.

We’ll go through the steps I follow when I’m working with a client to craft one for their business so that you can create one, too.

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