Brand Equity Basics: Do You Have a High-Value Brand?

There are times I wonder if I’ve been climbing uphill, against the wind.

Back in 2010, I had the audacity to start this site and call it “Big Brand System.” My aim is to help small (not big) business owners — from online entrepreneurs to offline brick-and-mortar operations — build recognizable brands that help their businesses grow.

I did it because I know the importance of brand equity. I’ve seen it firsthand.

But teaching “big brand” ideas to small businesses meant I had to educate those business owners and convince them that they too deserved to reap all the benefits brand equity would bring them.

Tens of thousands of people are now convinced. 🙂

Do you have a “big brand” yet? Does your brand have real monetary value? And if not, what can you do about it?

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5 Website Mistakes

Are You Making These 5 Easily Fixed Website Mistakes?

I work with a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs who manage their own websites.

Most of them hire me (or someone like me) to create their initial website presence. Then, once the site launches, they take over management and control of the website on their own and only request outside help when they need to make big changes or have a problem.

This isn’t a bad thing.

One of the great things about online marketing is that you can learn to run an effective and professional digital presence on your own.

But when I connect with clients in this situation — clients who have been managing their website on their own for a while — I usually spot a few problems.

I see small mistakes that can have a big negative impact on their digital presence.

So if you’re managing your own site, review this list to make sure you aren’t making the same mistakes I’ve seen.

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How to Recognize and Use Sight Lines in Your Images

You’re using images in your content marketing, right?

(Please say yes, please say yes!)

When you pair compelling images with well-written content, you “power up” your marketing messages.

You engage the whole brain of the person you want to reach, because images and words are processed in different areas of the brain.

How cool is that? Images get your prospects’ brains firing on all cylinders.

In today’s post, we’re going to cover sight lines. Sight lines are one of the essentials to keep in mind when choosing and using images.

Get this wrong, and your image could have the opposite effect to what you want. When your sight lines are wrong, the image you choose could actually weaken your message.

But get it right and your image and message will work together in perfect harmony.

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