Content Marketing Mistakes: Why Bad Content is Good for All of Us

It’s easy to make content marketing mistakes, especially when you’re first using online content to promote your business.

People like you and me — people who actually care about the audience we want to reach with our content — can come out winning when bad content marketing proliferates.


Because we know better.

Let’s start by looking at content marketing mistakes straight in the eye with an unflinching gaze …

The most common content marketing mistakes:

  1. Unfocused content that rambles on and on
  2. Content that looks like a big, unbroken “wall of text”
  3. Overtly promotional content that reads like a sales brochure
  4. “Lite” content that is too short on details to be useful
  5. Content that’s unoriginal or (even worse) boring
  6. Visually dull content with zero images of any kind

You’ve seen these mistakes. Maybe you’ve made them yourself from time to time.

Truth is, in 2020, it’s more challenging than ever to stand out online.

I believe bad content is a good thing for those of us who truly care.

You see, there’s a process of natural selection happening right under our noses online.

And those of us who take the time to learn a process for creating consistent, high-quality content that genuinely serves our audience?

We’re going to come out on top of the evolutionary heap.

Choose to avoid making content marketing mistakes

There are two types of people creating content on the internet today:

  • People who create high volume, low-quality content. These people aren’t getting results the way they used to. And …
  • People like you and me, who genuinely care about the audience we want to attract. We’re willing to put in some time and effort to create content that stands out.

I know you care.

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Focus in business: How to use the power of your mind to build your online business faster, woman meditating in front of a laptop

Focus in Business: How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Build Your Online Business Faster

This month I’m celebrating the tenth anniversary of BIG Brand System. And I’m thinking a lot about the power of focus in business.

The importance of focus in business can’t be overstated.

When I look back on these past ten years, I can see that when I put my head down and focused on hitting just a handful of milestones, my business grew by leaps and bounds.

And when my focus was scattered?

Sadly, I ended those weeks (and sometimes months) without much to show for the time I spent at my desk.

That’s hard to admit.

But if there’s anything I’d like BIG Brand System to share, it’s what I’ve learned from my successes and what I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Because, my friend, if you can learn how to focus on online business in a way that helps you be successful faster, all my mistakes will have been worth it.

Learn how to harness the power of focus in business using the five simple steps I share here.

Read on to put them to use in your online business starting now.

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