Man in front of computer with text, Blog Images: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Visual Appeal Before You Hit Publish

Blog Images: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Visual Appeal Before You Hit Publish

Here’s what we’re going for today:

“Ooooh, pretty!” followed closely by, “ooooh, smart!”

Information enters through the eyes.

Blog images are crucial to boosting your content’s visual appeal.

Words alone look desolate and unappealing.

Words + images? Now we’re talking!

If you’re not comfortable using images on your blog, this article is for you.

My goal? To increase your comfort level and arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to start adding blog images to every article you publish.

I’ve been “speaking visually” all my life. As a career graphic designer and creative director, I’ve helped my customers communicate with images since 1992.

I’m known for making things simple and easy to follow. If using blog images feels daunting, you’re in good hands.

Let’s do this!

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Two hands reaching out to each other demonstrating how you can use 3 magic words so you can instantly write sales copy that builds your revenue

Use These 3 Magic Words So You Can Instantly Write Sales Copy That Builds Your Revenue

Are you trying to write sales copy to promote a product or service?

In this post, I’m going to share three magic words that help you write sales copy that communicates value!

They’re so simple to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them before.

Features vs. benefits: What’s the difference?

In order to sell your online offer, you have to describe it, right?

Amateur copywriters describe what the offer includes:

  • A 17-point checklist with detailed instructions
  • Easy-to-follow, short tutorial videos
  • A weekly live session on Zoom
  • 7 winning sales page templates
  • A detailed report with charts, graphs, and stats

Now these aren’t bad descriptions  — not at all! They’re vivid. They’re snappy. 

But they don’t make us want to take out our wallets and buy.

Why not?

It’s because every one of these descriptions is missing a crucial element. They don’t answer the question …

What will it do for me?

And that’s what our audience is asking when they see our descriptions.

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Fortunately, there’s a simple fix.

Adding three “magic” words to these descriptions will make all the difference.

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27 Brainy Ways You Can Repurpose Content Today from the Author of the Master Content Books

Want to know how to repurpose content the smart way? It boils down to a single idea:

Create content once and promote it many times, in many places.

A powerful idea deserves to be spread. 

Let’s get your idea in front of as many people as possible!

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to repurpose content for social media platforms, inboxes, and even on your own website.

My book Master Content Strategy covers how to repurpose content in detail — there’s a whole chapter on this topic: Learn more about my book Master Content Strategy here.

Even better: You can watch my free content marketing training here.

Master Content Strategy, the book by Pamela Wilson

What’s the goal when you repurpose content?

Your most-important content repurposing goal is to entice people who come across your repurposed content “offsite” to make an “onsite” visit.

In other words …

Your repurposed content is a taster that invites people to consume the whole piece.

That’s why it’s crucial that when you repurpose content, you include a prominent link back to your website.

Let’s get those eyes and ears on your business!

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Your source content is your starting point

Most content creators have a primary medium they use to share their ideas:

  • Blog posts
  • Podcast episodes
  • Video series

This is your source content.

Source content: The first place you published your powerful idea.

The 27 content repurposing ideas in this post are divided into sections: one for repurposing blog posts, one for repurposing podcast episodes, and one for repurposing videos. 

Ready to get your content in front of lots of people?

Let’s do this …

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Dog on a welcome mat and the text Anatomy of the Perfect New Subscriber Welcome Email

Anatomy of the Perfect New Subscriber Welcome Email Template

Congratulations — you got a sign up to your email list. Now … let’s impress your new subscriber! 

I’m sharing the perfect new subscriber welcome email template below.

Just to be clear — this is not the email that delivers the ebook, checklist, video tutorial, or other gift they may have signed up for.

The welcome email is the email right after that first transactional email.

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It’s important to get your welcome email right because:

  • Welcome emails have the highest open rate of all your emails. It makes sense — people just signed up and are expecting to hear from you. 
  • A new subscriber is enthusiastic! They’ve just shared something valuable with you — their email address. That demonstrates they’re committed.
  • If you don’t make a good impression, you might lose them. If you bungle the first impression, they might unsubscribe right away.

The perfect welcome email template is not complicated. 

There are crucial elements you should include — and some important things to leave out. 

Follow the welcome email template below and you’ll make a great impression on your newest, most enthusiastic subscriber.

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Minimum viable product examples: a small, gold-wrapped chocolate represents a valuable, tiny "solution"

Minimum Viable Product Examples: Build the Core of Your Online Business This Month

We’re about to dig into minimum viable product examples that will help you pinpoint what to sell online.

NOTE: This article includes free video training you can watch right on this page. Scroll down to get started.

Developing your first online offer is a big step, I know.

But you’ve got to take it. Why? Because …

Until you actually offer something for sale, you’re not running a business — you’re managing a charitable organization!

A minimum viable product is what’s standing between you and online revenue. 

Person, product, profit: How these minimum viable product examples lead to online revenue.

In this all-inclusive minimum viable product presentation, I’m going to show you:

  • Why you should develop a minimum viable product before you create a more elaborate solution
  • What to expect from your first minimum viable product
  • Minimum viable product examples and ideas you can use to get started

It may seem like a stretch to do this in a month.

But if you use the minimum viable product examples and ideas here? You can launch your offer, earn some revenue, and discover what works in the next 30 days.

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Digital Marketing Images: 7 Simple Image Types You Should Try Today

I’ll admit it — I’m obsessed with digital marketing images and how they can transform your online presence!

Here’s the thing — creating images for content marketing is easier today than it has ever been before.

The tools? Online. Easy-to-use. Inexpensive. Fun! I’m partial to PicMonkey (that’s an affiliate link that’ll save you $$$).

The education? I’ve got you covered! Give me 50 minutes and I’ll show you how it works.

Register for my free digital marketing images workshop:

The Easy Way to Create Stunning Branded Images

I can’t wait to show you how the exact kind of digital marketing images that I teach in my Image Lab course are perfect to use all over the web.

Content marketing images can be used in so many ways. Try branded images as:

  • Email marketing images
  • Social media marketing images
  • Website images

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

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