18 Warning Signs You’ve Ignored Your Brand Long Enough

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Ignoring Your Brand?Do you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach?

That suspicion that your brand isn’t measuring up, but you’re not sure why, or what to do about it?

The first step to all significant change is identifying the problem. Use the list below as a guide, and have hope: there’s help here at the Big Brand System, and more help coming in the near future.

Read through this list. When you get that sinking feeling, make a note.

Don’t ignore the message! It’s an area that needs attention, and if you make it a priority this year, you’ll see results — and get rid of that sinking feeling, too. 🙂

  1. You look at your website and hate it
  2. Your brand looks like all the others in your field
  3. When someone shakes your hand and asks you what you do, you can’t tell them in one sentence
  4. You’re not getting enough business to keep you in business
  5. Your head shot is ten years old
  6. Your website says “best viewed in Internet Explorer” on it
  7. No one remembers your tagline … or what your business offers
  8. You use whatever font looks good that day
  9. You don’t get the whole branding “thing” so you’ve ignored it since you started your business
  10. When you check your website analytics, your bounce rate is over 70%
  11. You don’t know what “bounce rate” is, and aren’t doing any website analytics
  12. Your color palette changes with each project or designer assigned to the job
  13. When people arrive on your website, they’re greeted by a Flash animation, and music starts playing automatically
  14. You haven’t updated your brand image since 1990-something
  15. You’re not attracting the right people: the ones you dream of working with or selling to
  16. When you ask someone to describe your logo, they can’t remember what it looks like
  17. Your “About” page talks only about you, and goes on and on and on …
  18. On your website you ask people to “sign up for my email list” but offer them nothing in return

Repeat after me: the first step toward significant change is identifying the problem.

If some of the items on this list hit close to home, don’t worry.

You can strengthen your brand by tackling them one by one: use the resources here on the Big Brand System, and make it your goal to focus your attention on these areas.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson coaches people to build profitable online businesses. She's an online educator, author, and keynote speaker. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business. Have you taken the free Focus Finder quiz yet?

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12 thoughts on “18 Warning Signs You’ve Ignored Your Brand Long Enough”

  1. I’m still working on finding (and keeping!) visitors, and I’ll probably start trying some a/b testing. I know I love my site, but maybe not everyone does. It’ll be interesting to see you diagnose the problems people have!

    • Hey Kaelin! I took a moment to look at your site, and I think you’re on the right track, visually.

      Your jewelry photos are gorgeous, the white space is easy on the eyes, the main font is flow-y (which I believe you were going for) – though there may be a ‘too many’ ?

      Possible help:
      I wrote an article recently on gaining recognition and fame, and the main point was “Stand For Something”.

      Apple was ‘just a computer company’ but it’s CEO stood for: “Thinking Different”, and they lived it, and that sky-rocketed them to first place in people’s minds.

      If you’re able to passionately design bad-ass masculine pieces that scream timeless, sexy, success, perhaps we’ll collaborate on a line some day. (If not that’s cool too, I just like brainstorming out loud and turning people on to possibilities – the masculine jewelry market is vastly underserved, and it requires a totally different language + branding, even to offer 1 piece might help :D)

      I’ve always expected myself to work with an incredible jewelry-master (or mistress), and even had a friend design me 20+ pieces a few years ago.

      I also had matching obsidian + quartz pieces made for me and a girl 😉

  2. I am cringing as I write this. I wake up every morning with that sinking feeling. I am completely relaunching my business. New website, package and facebook page. The problem is..I still can’t figure out my brand so I am stuck in neutral. Nothing is getting done. I only know what is not working. Thank you for your great posts. I really need your help.

  3. Hahahaha… I’ve always been big on design, and the principles of art, so I had a leg up, with much of my early stuff being at least visually consistent, but I still did a LOT on that list. Awesome post, Pamela!

    I’m feeling much clearer, more focused, and solid now, which are 3 *feelings* a strong brand brings to the table (for me at least.)

    Actually, that could be a really inspiring post: Why Having A Refined Brand Feels So Good – I’d love it if you wrote it up, or maybe I could guest it 😀

  4. Done the re-design; finished the free ebook, but now my only problem is getting my email client to deliver the free ebook to new subscribers.

    Will get that sorted out asap, and then the real marketing begins.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Have you tried sending a link within the email? It usually works better to do it that way rather than try to attach it to the email itself. Good luck getting it sorted out, and congratulations for getting it done!

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