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7 Reasons Ebooks Are The Perfect Ambassador for Your Brand

You are sitting in front of a powerful machine that’s capable of creating a vehicle that will spread your brand’s message around the globe. Don’t believe me?

This post is going to prove it to you.

The computer you’re using is capable of creating powerful PDF documents — ebooks — that can communicate, captivate and convert prospects to customers. Read on to discover seven reasons I’m bullish on ebooks, and why you should be, too.

7 Reasons Ebooks Rock

First, let’s define what I mean by ebook. In this post, I’m speaking exclusively about PDF ebooks, not ebooks that are formatted for the Kindle, iPad, Nook or any of the other readers out there. We’re going to cover what makes PDF ebooks the ideal brand ambassador for your business.

A warning: if you’d rather delay that ebook you’ve thought about writing, you’d best not read today’s post. Because my goal is to get you so fired up about ebooks, you’ll be ready to start writing one this week.

1. Ebooks look consistent on all operating systems

PDF ebooks can be easily read on Windows OS and Mac OS computers, and they have a consistent look on both machines. They also look the same on an iPad, Kindle, desktop or laptop computers. There are no limitations on sharing an ebook between these devices, either, so your readers can open and view the same ebook in all of these devices if they’d like.

2. They can be all digital or all paper, or a combination of both

Have you done this before? You’re reading an ebook on screen, and there are a few crucial pages you’d like to have in print. Maybe they’re worksheets you want to print and fill out, or a few pages you’d like to keep for reference, or post next to your desk so you can remember them.

With a PDF ebook, it’s easy — you just send the pages you need to your printer, and you’ve got them on paper. Try doing that with pages from a Kindle or iPad! (Trust me, you can’t).

Your readers will appreciate this, too. As a creator, you can build a versatile brand messenger that not only communicates information, but encourages interaction through quizzes, checklists, reference sheets and forms.

3. The sky’s the limit for graphics

If your topic is visual in nature, or you simply want to make your pages more interesting by adding photos, illustrations, charts and graphs, ebooks are a perfect vehicle for you. You can have graphic-rich, full-color pages that display consistently no matter where they’re viewed.

When your only option was a printed book, pages with full-color photos and graphics were expensive to produce. But now, the sky’s the limit!

4. Ebooks are easy to make by yourself and simple to update

When you create your PDF ebook using software you have on your own computer, editing and updating it is a breeze. You just open up the original document, make your edits and save a fresh PDF. You don’t need to depend on someone else to make minor changes.

I like OpenOffice for creating PDFs. It’s cross-platform compatible, so you can install and use it no matter what operating system you have on your computer. It’s also open source, which means the powerful suite of word processing, graphics, spreadsheet and presentation software is absolutely free.

5. It’s easy to share and spread your ideas

Need to spread the word about your company, your new idea or your groundbreaking solution? Use an ebook to communicate it to the world. They’re the ideal brand ambassador because they “cross borders” between computers, countries and operating systems.

Spreading them is simple: add a link on your site, send them as an email attachment or post them on social media. There’s no passport or red-eye flight required to get them to the other side of the world.

6. Ebooks are shape shifters

Ebooks can take many forms. They can be formatted with vertical or horizontal pages. You can set them up to be folded into a pocket guide, or create them with the idea that they’ll be used as mini posters.

They can be all text, or all photography, or a mix of both. You can make ebook checklists, guides, presentations, white papers, special reports and even comics. Ebooks are shape shifters, and that frees you up to pour all your creative thinking into how to make them deliver your message in the most compelling and effective visual format.

7. They can be shared virally, exchanged for an opt-in, or sold

Want to share a new idea, or stand up and state your purpose to the world? Create a helpful, shareable ebook that can be downloaded and passed along.

Trying to build an email list? Develop a resource-type ebook that answers the pressing questions your target market has about your area of expertise. Ask them to share an email address in exchange for your ebook, and build a list of people you can stay in touch with, and offer your products and services.

Want to create more income? Write an ebook with valuable information that will make your readers’ lives better, build their businesses or change their futures. Create a launch around it, and market it over time for ongoing business income.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business.

Pamela Wilson

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  1. Ahh, it sounds very do-able – and it’s on my list of things I can offer my readers that has value. Later in the year, when I’ll be ready to tackle this project, I’ll circle back around on this post Pamela. Your posts have become a great resource for me as I build all sorts of web and even office paper pages. Now this! Thanks

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