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The year is winding down.

Most of you know I started this blog just this past January. It has been a great year, and next year will be even better. I am so grateful for your attention, your comments, and your participation here.

Thank you.

I want you to know that I made a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank in your name: you’ve done something to help the hungry just by being a reader.

I have some exciting projects and lots of great content to share with you in 2011, so stick around. Here’s hoping your end-of-year festivities are wonderful, and you start the new year refreshed and raring to go. All the best to you!

Don’t Miss These Business Branding Opportunities

how to make a brand stronger by getting all your employees on the same page

They hide in the strangest places: branding opportunities like customer service, grooming, phone manners, and more.

We talk a lot about visual branding here at the Big Brand System blog. The quality of your marketing materials — their colors, typefaces and consistency over time — will help build trust in your offerings.

But that’s not enough. If you stop there, you’re missing a multitude of branding opportunities that make a lasting impression on your customers.

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Branding Lessons from Chile, or How to Dig Out of a Bad Spot

Last Tuesday night I knew the first Chilean miners were due to be brought to the surface after more than two months underground. On a whim, I clicked on a live feed of the rescue effort to see if it had started.

Big mistake.

how to make a brand like Chile that shines when the world is watching

I couldn’t sleep until I saw the first miner above ground. When I woke up the next day, I turned on the rescue efforts and watched as I ate my breakfast. I was hooked.

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The Top 4 Things the NFL Can Teach You About Marketing

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Laura Petrolino today. As you’ll see, Laura has a favorite past time: football. When you read her bio at the end of the post, you’ll ask the same question I did: “how does this woman have time to watch football?” She does, though, and this post is proof that she gets a lot out of it! –Pamela Wilson

brand marketing with tips from the NFL

Football is like life — it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. –Vince Lombardi

brand marketing with ideas for your business from LauraFootball is more than a game. It is about strategy, about fully utilizing your resources, about adjusting to sudden change … and, of course, about pleasing your fans.

We can learn a lot about life from the game of football. Whether it be business, personal, spiritual or psychological; many of life’s great questions can be answered by analyzing the way things are done on the field, and marketing is no exception.

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Make Your Brand Big for Free!

EDIT: This course is now retired. Thanks for your interest!

Congratulations to Michele Christensen, Cathy Jennings and Zach Hammer, who all won a spot in the Big Brand System course! Thanks to every one of you for your comments.

You want your business marketing to reflect the level of quality and service you offer, but you can’t afford to hire a professional designer or ad agency. Even if you don’t have a marketing budget of tens of thousands of dollars, you know you must have marketing materials that are effective and look great if you want your business to thrive.

Master the Basics with Personalized Help

how to make a brand big with a sneak peek at the Big Brand System course

The Big Brand System is the only online course that teaches small business owners how to successfully design their own marketing materials. Whether you do business online or offline, and whether you sell products or services, the Big Brand System will teach you to create effective marketing materials that get results. Weekly lessons will build your knowledge from the ground up, so you will master the techniques you need to create professional looking marketing materials that work.

As a member of the course, you can get your questions answered on the Big Brand System Forum. I’ll give you the attention you need so you can master the information you’re learning. I’ll share secrets it has taken me 25 years to learn! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to interact (and network) with other business owners who are working to grow their businesses with great marketing, too.

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