Build Your Brand Identity with these Free Resources

Build your profitable brandPamela WilsonNOTE: This page includes resources you can use to build your brand. They’ll work best if you first pinpoint your brand personality. Enjoy!

– Pamela Wilson,
BIG Brand System

Step 2 to building a profitable brand? Create your verbal and visual brand elements.

Brands are expressed in two ways: through visual elements and verbal elements.

Visual brand elements are things like your brand colors, your brand fonts, and your branded images.

Verbal brand elements include your business name and tagline, your copywriting, and your content marketing like blog posts, podcasts, videos, and social media posts.

On this page, I’ll share resources for getting your visual and verbal brand elements built. They’re the foundational pieces that will build your brand identity.

How can you profit from a well-built brand?

First, you weave together a visual brand that attracts and connects with your ideal customer. You use colors, fonts, and images that resonate with the people you want to reach.

Then, you make sure your words — your verbal brand — keep the connection going. This means:

  • Finding a business name and tagline that clearly explain the best elements of your offer.
  • Using a copywriting style that connects and convinces.
  • Publishing useful, engaging content consistently — showing up and being helpful every time.

It’s a lot of work, this building stage.

But with the resources on this page, your brand will be well on the way to becoming engaging, unforgettable, and profitable!

Build your VERBAL brand

Check out these FREE resources to help you build your verbal brand:

Branding for Beginners: 5 Essential Tips to Create a Brand Identity Yourself

How to Choose a Business Name You’ll Love Today, Tomorrow, and 5 Years from Now

Need help building your verbal brand?

Build your VISUAL brand

Check out these FREE resources to help you build your visual brand:

How to Choose Memorable Brand Colors

Type Styles of the Rich and Famous

Need help building your visual brand?

Once you’ve built your brand, you can look forward to the payoff:

PROFIT from your brand

Let’s build your brand together

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