Branded Images are a Fun, Creative Way to Get Eyes on Your Website [Examples]

“I’ve got no business creating branded images — I’m not a designer.”

That’s what people think when I talk to them about creating branded images like these:

Branded images are super versatile. They can be used on:

  • Your website, to illustrate written content, podcasts, or vlogs
  • Your social media platforms, to drive attention to your messages (like the Pinterest pin to the right)
  • Your ads, to encourage swipers to stop scrolling and read your post
  • Your email marketing, so your message “pops” in the inbox

You can even use branded images in ebooks, content upgrades, and opt-in incentives!

See? Versatile as all get out. If you want tangible proof, here are some stats that prove the power of visual content marketing.

But here’s the thing …

There may be a little voice in your head telling you that even though the internet has become a visual platform, you simply don’t have the necessary training to use this  powerful communication vehicle.

That’s what I thought for the longest time — that you had to be a trained designer to use design.

Today, I know this is patently false — non-designers can use design, create images, and brand their businesses all by themselves.

My 30+ year career is proof.

From design impostor to confident creator

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Free Stock Photos: My Favorite Resources Today

On a world wide web full of words, images cut through the noise and get to the point.

Click to pin and share this image!

A well-chosen image will enhance what your words say, and add meaning to your communication.

The good news is that finding great stock photos — even free stock photos — is easier than ever.

There are dozens of websites that offer free stock images. Their business models vary:

  • Some are supported by advertising
  • Some are supported by user donations
  • Some serve as portfolios for a photographer’s work

The free stock photo image resources here — as of this writing — allow you to use their images for free, even for a commercial website.

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Good Idea? Bad Idea? You Tell Me

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There’s a problem with online business — and I’d like to help solve it.

Online business can be lonely — and confusing.

It’s tough to find people to talk to who understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

When I first started Big Brand System, I got used to seeing people’s eyes glaze over when I explained my business is online. No one I knew understood anything about how online businesses worked.

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Find your brand personality

Why Your Brand Personality is More Important Than You Think

What brand are you?

Having a memorable brand identity helps you stand out from the competition.

But it’s not easy to develop, is it?

It’s tough to put together branding elements like words, colors, fonts, and images in a way that fully expresses how you’d like the world to see your business.

I recommend a simple starting place — discovering your brand personality.

And today, I’m bringing you an easy (fast) way to find your brand personality and begin expressing it to the world.

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Grow a brand community

5 Timeless Tips for Growing a Passionate Brand Community

Passionate, thriving brand communities don’t happen by accident; they are cultivated.

Brand loyalty goes both ways: Businesses that pay attention to their enthused fans receive that devotion in return.

Engaging with fans and inviting them to engage with others under your banner is not just smart, it’s necessary to the overall health of your business.

But how do you craft community? Read on to discover five timeless tips.

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