Man about to start a race (or start an online business!)

How to Write a Winning Online Business Startup Plan in Under 20 Minutes

“There’s so much to do. Where do I start?”

Whether you’re running a race or starting an online business, the first step is always daunting.

You look ahead and see nothing but the work that needs to be done, and the progress you’ll have to make.

You can’t see the finish line at all. You might not even see the starting block.

This post is about the starting block exclusively.

If you get your online business off to the right start, the whole race will be easier, and you’ll increase your chances of winning it.Click To Tweet

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Branding 101: 7 Business Name Traps to Avoid

Today’s post is about seven pitfalls to avoid when naming a company.

Your company name is an important element that’s directly linked to your ability to grow.

Your company name can make your brand or it can break it.

Don’t hinder your progress by painting yourself into a corner with a name that will hold you back.

Learn what to avoid and what to do when you create a brand and company name by avoiding the seven traps here.

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Online marketing strategies

How to Stand Out? Market to a Higher Standard

Have you seen my Homepage?

It features a brave little goldfish with a shark fin strapped on — trying to stand out in a vast sea of competitors.


I chose that image because it depicts what a lot of us feel as we try to build our online brand. We worry we’ll never be seen and our message won’t find its way to the right people.

Golden egg that stands out from the rest
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There’s one online marketing strategy that will always make your business stand out — guaranteed. And today’s post is going to spell it out so you can put it into practice today.

WARNING: this idea will challenge you to go beyond where you’re aiming now. You may need to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do things differently.


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5 free tools for getting your brand color palette right

5 Free Tools for Getting Your Brand Color Palette Right

Do you break out in a sweat just thinking about choosing brand colors?

The best way to harness the power of color in your marketing is to use colors that support and reinforce your brand.

And don’t go color crazy: pick two main colors, and use them consistently in everything you do.

You may not feel “artistic” enough to do this.

You haven’t studied color theory, and you don’t want to know all of that anyway. You just want a nice set of colors that will work for your business.

I don’t blame you — color is an essential part of your visual brand.

In this post, I’m going to share my favorite tools for choosing your brand color palette. The right colors for your brand may be just a click away …

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How to Brand Anything: Your Business, Your Idea, Yourself

One of the reasons I started Big Brand System is that I saw a trend happening in the world of business.

Back in 2010 when this site went live with this simple post, I saw that business owners suddenly had access to tools that put the power of design and marketing into their hands.

It was a revolution! Before then, if you wanted to market your business you hired someone to do the work.

But now, online tools, websites, and platforms — many free — are all available to use to brand your business.

Here’s the thing, though — just because you have a kitchen doesn’t mean you’re a great cook.

Access to tools doesn’t mean mastery of them. Which is why we see a lot of mediocre marketing and branding floating around the web. It’s earnest and well meaning and kind of … awful.

It’s unreadable. It’s garish. Or it misses the mark in terms of the message.

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