The Most Inspiring “Problem” with Starting a Business in Midlife

Young entrepreneurs might get all the press, but midlife entrepreneurs — sometimes known as “encore entrepreneurs” — are a category that’s showing explosive growth.

Starting a business in midlife is in vogue. And there are lots of great reasons for it which we’ll explore here.

According to a study by Paychex, there has been a massive surge in people seeking midlife career change since 2007. Here’s what they found:

“In 2007, there were two 50-plus year old entrepreneurs in every 10. Today, the rate stands at three in every 10.”

That’s a 50% increase in entrepreneurship for this age group!

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Are You Too Old to Start a New Business?

Spoiler alert: It’s never too late to start over in life.

If you’re at the mid-point of your career — and your life — you have a lot of advantages, my friend.

You’re not a newbie in your field. You’ve acquired deep expertise. You’ve got experience and wisdom to spare.

And you’ve probably been knocked around by life, at least a little.

All of the above makes you a great candidate to start a business.

Your knowledge, coupled with your experience overcoming challenges, will serve you well on this journey.

In this article, we’re going to talk about starting a particular kind of business — an online business.

Online businesses are inexpensive and relatively easy to start. And as someone in the middle of life and your career, you are in an enviable position to create an online business that takes you through retirement and beyond.

Read on to discover why — and grab some resources that will help you get started!

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A new way to think about the best blog post length

A New Way to Think About the Best Blog Post Length

Content creator friend, if you’ve wondered about the best blog post length — can we get real for a sec?

The only kind of content that works for your business is the kind that’s published.

Period, full stop.

The #realtalk about blog post length is this:

  • Imaginary content doesn’t count
  • Content plans, outlines, or first drafts won’t help
  • Your content strategy won’t do a thing until your planned content goes live

In this article, we’re going to take three things into account:

  1. You
  2. Your readers
  3. Your rankings

You may have written content to rank in search engines. You may have written blog posts with your readers in mind. But have you added yourself to the equation?

In the end, your content is:

  • Created by you — and your health and wellbeing matter
  • Consumed by your audience — your content length should meet their needs
  • Found by your prospects — your content needs to rank in search engines so it’s found

We’re going to tackle these in reverse order, starting with the basics of writing content that gets found by the people you want to attract.

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How to Publish an Amazing Minimum Viable Website in a Week

In the world of online business, everything … and I mean everything … revolves around your website.

That’s where one of my favorite maxims comes from:

'The only website that works is one that's published.' – Pamela WilsonClick To Tweet

Your ideas, your website outline, your page copy, the platform and theme you plan to use … these are all important.

But until your website is published and findable on the internet, it might as well be invisible.

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How to become the proud owner of a Minimum Viable Website in less than a week

New websites are less overwhelming to tackle if you approach them in phases.

Step away from the scary cliff where you’re looking at the whole, huge website project, and just focus on the ten feet of the path that lies right under your feet.

What we’ll talk about here is Phase 1: the bare minimum pages you need to have in place to launch a new website to the world.

The only goal is to get these few pages in place and make the website live!

I’m going to show you how to do just that in less than a week.

After all, why wait? Websites are endlessly editable, so don’t sweat it — get something published this week. You can tweak it later!

Make a mindset shift — from “it must be perfect before I make it live to “it must be live and then I’ll make it perfect. That will help you build your Minimum Viable Website and publish it with confidence.

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How to Build the Perfect Online Business for Your Current Life

During your quest to build the perfect online business, do you ever feel like your to-do list is in perpetual motion?

You add an item. You check an item off. You add another item. You check another item off.

Your list never actually shrinks.

If anything, it seems to grow every week!

For every new facet of your business you develop, there are books to read, blog posts to consume, videos to watch, podcast episodes to listen to … sometimes even courses to take.

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How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources

 Wondering how to succeed with your online business — but feeling a bit overwhelmed as you build it?

Truth is, there’s Too Much Information out there. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, welcome to the club.

You’re in very good company.

Overwhelmed dog

C’mon in and stay a while, my friend.

Because right here on this page, I’ve gathered some of my top (free!) resources in one place. No need to click around the entire internet.

If you need online business tips and tricks, you’ve just found a whole page of them — complete with free worksheets, a free workshop, a free course, and more.

All in all, there are 17 free online business resources on this page, divided into the categories below.

Ready to find exactly what you need?

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