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Caution: Don’t Read This Post Today

brand strategy includes taking time away from your desk to do something relaxing, like cookingIt’s Thanksgiving day in the United States. If you’re in the US, what are you doing reading a blog?

Take this day to stop, rest, rejuvenate and count your blessings. It has been a tough year for many people, but even in the most difficult times, we can find something to be grateful for. Look for those points of light in the darkness. If you focus on them, they’ll grow!

If you’re reading this post over the long weekend, you might you have some extra time on your hands. Maybe you’re one of the new subscribers to this blog (welcome!). Even if you’ve been around for a while, you may have missed some of the posts below.

Best of the Big Brand System So Far

Here are some of the most popular posts on this blog, arranged by topic. Visit the ones you missed, or re-visit your favorites. Feel free to leave comments if you’d like: it’s never too late to chime in!

5 Takes on Typography

This post on typography from the Design 101 series is one of the most visited on the blog. Click to read

I don’t enjoy stirring up controversy, but I managed to with a post about my most-hated typeface. Click to read

Web typography took off this year with the Google Font API, Typekit and web fonts, among others. But how can you pick and combine all these new font options? This post reviews what to look for. Click to read

Once you get beyond the standard number of typefaces on your machine, you might find you need font management software to keep all those typefaces organized. Here’s what I recommend. Click to read

Typefaces are drawn with specific proportions, and when you squeeze or stretch letters they don’t look right. Here — let me show you! Click to read

How to End Color Confusion Once and for All

How to choose the best colors for your business. Click to read

The most important color rule of all, and you already know it! Click to read

The web is full of tools for choosing and matching colors, setting up palettes, even picking your colors based off of a photo you like. This post rounds up the five best tools I’ve found. Click to read

Secrets of Successful E-Book Design

Part one of my e-book interview with Carole Brown of New Rules of Book Publishing. Click to read

Part two of my e-book interview with Carole Brown. Click to read

Deborah Hanchey submitted pages from her e-book for review, and I gave her some guidance to improve her design. Click to read

How to Use Images Like a Master

Images can speak louder than words. Here’s how to find the best photos and illustrations, and how to make them work on your pages. Click to read

Ever have to organize a bunch of head shots on a page, but you’re starting with photos of all different sizes? Here’s what to do. Click to read

4 Lessons to Improve Your Design Decisions

If you want your pages to look great, you need to be decisive. Click to read

Plenty of white space will give your reader’s eyes a place to rest, and make your pages look more sophisticated. Click to read

Here’s a review of seven things you can do right now to improve the appearance of your business marketing materials. Click to read

Did you ever consider using one of those online logo design services? Here’s how you can sort through the ideas you get, and how to pick a winning logo. Click to read

Free Resources

If you’re putting together a business promotion, use this PDF checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything. Click to read

The Five-Ingredient Design Recipes Book features combinations of colors and open source (free) typefaces you can put to use in your business right now. Click to read

Marketing Secrets Revealed

The Chilean miner rescue was a miracle of faith, engineering … and branding. Click to read

If you want your marketing efforts to succeed, sometimes you’ve got to give them a good shake to eliminate people who aren’t your target market, and reach those who are. Click to read

Opportunities to establish your brand hide in the strangest places. Click to read

In a Class by Themselves

Two solid posts that are hard to classify.

Getting objective feedback is important, but does it have to be so painful? Click to read

Successful design isn’t about what you think it is. Click to read

Thank You

My readership started at one person (me) in January of this year, and has grown by leaps and bounds. Thank you for reading, contributing comments, and lending me your attention. I appreciate every one of you!

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business.

Pamela Wilson

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  1. It’s been so wonderful to watch your growth “by leaps and bounds” here over the past year. You’ve got such great things happening! And thank you so much for sharing your wisdom about ebook design with me and my readers. You gave such excellent information in that interview.

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