Design Your Email Marketing to Get Attention

Your emails won’t get the attention they deserve if they’re boring to look at and hard to read.

Stanford University conducted a study which demonstrated a clear link between good design techniques and web credibility.

“Beautiful graphic design will not salvage a poorly functioning Web site. Yet, the study shows a clear link between solid design and site credibility.” –Stanford Credibility Project

When your emails aren’t using the power of good color, white space, formatting and fonts, you lose credibility. More importantly, you lose prospects.

I’m here to tell you that even you can learn basic graphic design techniques to make your emails look attractive and easy to read.

Pamela WilsonI’m Pamela Wilson

I’m an award-winning graphic designer and marketing consultant, and I’ve helped businesses present their information in the best light for over 25 years.

The Big Brand System website was created to empower small business owners to put design and marketing best practices to work for their businesses.

And it all starts with the techniques in Branding 101.

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Pamela Wilson
Founder, BIG Brand System