Colors in Business: How to Find Your Best Brand Colors

How to choose your brand colors

Colors in Business: How to Find Your Best Brand Colors

Color Confusion ResolvedWith millions to choose from, how do you find a color combination that works for your business?

Color is one of the most-remembered elements of your visual brand.

When you choose the right colors to represent your business early on, and then use them consistently over time, your business will become associated with those colors.

Color is an inexpensive way to have a BIG brand impact. And using great brand colors in business doesn’t have to be confusing.

Choose two main colors to start

Color works best when used sparingly and consistently. To start, pick two main colors to represent your business and your brand.

For a brief guide that will help you choose your business colors, click the image above to download the Color Confusion Resolved Worksheet.

To understand more about how color works, and what tools will help you pick great color combinations, check out the posts and resources below.

Find the best colors for your brand

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