Easier content marketing with tips from Pamela Wilson, author of the Master Content series.

How to Make Content Marketing Fun (and Much Easier)

Is easier content marketing even possible? It is now. But it didn’t used to be …

I used to sit at my keyboard and sweat. My stomach would churn. I’d feel panicky.

And this would happen on a weekly basis.

It wasn’t pretty. Why did I do that to myself?

Well, I was on a mission …

Back in early 2010, I put myself in a precarious professional position. On purpose.

After spending decades as a designer who provided visual solutions to problems, suddenly I found myself providing written solutions to problems.

And after decades running an offline business, I decided to start this online business, BIG Brand System.

I knew I wanted to build an audience around the idea that strategic marketing and smart design decisions help you build a recognizable brand.

I knew for sure that anyone can learn the basic principles of both, and apply them to their business.

But to find the people I wanted to help, I needed to write to them. I needed to create helpful written content online — content that would get my site found, and keep readers engaged.

Somehow, I needed to come up with a process for easier content marketing — because I was juggling my old business, my new business, a family, a life …

No pressure!

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How to Write a Terrific Tagline [Free Tool]

Wondering how to write a tagline that truly communicates your value?

Taglines are words that accompany your business name.

But they’re so much more. Especially if you know how to write a tagline using the 5-step process I spell out here.

Here at the Big Brand System, the tagline is, “I teach people how to build online businesses they love.”

A tagline can be an asset if you know how to craft it.

But they’re tricky — especially when you’re writing one for your own business.

It’s a question we tackle often in my BIG League member program.

And so … they begin working on ideas for taglines.

But they’re not professional copywriters. Plus, they’re so close to their business they can’t see it objectively — like an outsider would.

Writing a tagline can be a struggle — but it’s worth the effort.

When you know how to write a tagline, it becomes like a little salesperson who proclaims what’s best about what you do. So why do so many companies either not utilize them, or simply get them wrong?

Not enough attention has been paid to the humble tagline and I’m here to remedy that.

Let’s talk about how to write a tagline all by yourself — no copywriter needed.

We’ll go through the steps I follow when I’m working with a client to craft one for their business so that you know how to write a tagline, too.

I’ll give you a free tool I developed that makes it easy — no sign up required. I’ll walk you through exactly how to use the tool.

By the time you go through this short (fun!) exercise, you’ll not only know how to write a tagline — you’ll have written a tagline you can be proud of.

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Content Marketing Mistakes: Why Bad Content is Good for All of Us

It’s easy to make content marketing mistakes, especially when you’re first using online content to promote your business.

People like you and me — people who actually care about the audience we want to reach with our content — can come out winning when bad content marketing proliferates.


Because we know better.

Let’s start by looking at content marketing mistakes straight in the eye with an unflinching gaze …

The most common content marketing mistakes:

  1. Unfocused content that rambles on and on
  2. Content that looks like a big, unbroken “wall of text”
  3. Overtly promotional content that reads like a sales brochure
  4. “Lite” content that is too short on details to be useful
  5. Content that’s unoriginal or (even worse) boring
  6. Visually dull content with zero images of any kind

You’ve seen these mistakes. Maybe you’ve made them yourself from time to time.

Truth is, in 2020, it’s more challenging than ever to stand out online.

I believe bad content is a good thing for those of us who truly care.

You see, there’s a process of natural selection happening right under our noses online.

And those of us who take the time to learn a process for creating consistent, high-quality content that genuinely serves our audience?

We’re going to come out on top of the evolutionary heap.

Choose to avoid making content marketing mistakes

There are two types of people creating content on the internet today:

  • People who create high volume, low-quality content. These people aren’t getting results the way they used to. And …
  • People like you and me, who genuinely care about the audience we want to attract. We’re willing to put in some time and effort to create content that stands out.

I know you care.

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How to Succeed With Your Online Business: Start with These 17 Free Resources

Wondering how to succeed with your online business — but feeling a bit overwhelmed as you build it?

Truth is, there’s Too Much Information out there. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, welcome to the club.

Overwhelmed dog

You’re in very good company.

C’mon in and stay a while, my friend.

Because right here on this page, I’ve gathered some of my top (free!) resources in one place. No need to click around the entire internet.

If you need online business tips and tricks, you’ve just found a whole page of them — complete with a free quiz that will clarify your best next steps, free worksheets, two free workshops, and more.

All in all, there are more than 17 free online business resources on this page, divided into the categories below.

Ready to find how to succeed with your online business — without feeling overwhelmed?

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Product Names Your Customers Will Love

Creating product names your customers end up falling in love with … seem impossible?

Here’s the thing …

When something has a name, it has value and an identity.

A baby becomes ‘Jonathan,’ a cat becomes ‘Fluffy’… Friday night with the kids at grandma’s becomes ‘date night.’

With a name, the generic becomes specific. Filled with meaning.

Marketing companies know the power of creating the right product names, which is why millions of dollars are poured into branding.

Get the name and image right and your product is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and they slip into your everyday life. Your wife doesn’t ask you to get tissues from the store, she asks for Kleenex, your son doesn’t ask for acetaminophen, he wants Tylenol.

And sometimes a name skyrockets the price.

In the UK, common painkillers such as acetaminophen cost around 16 pence from the supermarket.

Choose a ‘famous’ product with the same ingredients (and effects) and you can be paying 1000% more.

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How to write website content, even if you're a beginner

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Website Content

You have a brand-new website. Congratulations!

You may be wondering exactly how to write website content, though.

It’s a big job. Where do you start?

First, it’s important to understand the difference between static, unchanging website pages like your: 

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Commerce-style pages like Store, Products, Services, or Work with Me

And website pages that update frequently like your:

  • Blog or podcast content

As we tackle this topic of how to write your website content, we’re going to focus on getting your static pages created first. We’ll get them done, published, and working for you, and then we’ll work on how to write a blog post and other frequently published content.

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