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You’re My Hero: Here’s Why

I recently celebrated four years since I first began to think about what would eventually become Big Brand System.

Customer hero medal

Back in 2009, I had no idea if it would work. I just knew that I wanted to serve a group of people who were under served, and in need of help.

They were smart, and they were successful in other areas of their lives. But when it came to marketing their businesses, they weren’t sure how to take the first steps, or what to do once they got going.

They had the equipment right in front of them: their computers, their life experiences, their willingness to learn.

But they needed help learning the basics and building on what they learned.

But … would they listen to me? I wasn’t so sure.

For one thing, I’d never written before. Oh sure, I wrote emails and letters, and came up with an occasional headline or tagline for a client.

But stringing together paragraph after paragraph for a full blog post or newsletter article was something I hadn’t done, and wasn’t sure I was capable of.

Sometimes, though, the message you’re carrying is more important than the fear you feel.

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You forge ahead with the faith that somehow — despite your lack of experience — you’ll figure it out.

But let’s get back to you. Here’s why you’re my hero.

In the early days, as I muddled through learning how to set up a blog, posting regularly, and setting up my email marketing, your encouragement and enthusiasm kept me going.

The notes of thanks, the comments on the blog and your social media messages pushed me along and kept my spirits up.

Then, as I started putting together products to meet your needs, something even more important happened.

I started to see what you were really made of.

You see, it’s not easy to learn something new. But I watched as you tackled the unfamiliar with an upbeat attitude.

I admired how you had the courage to go back to feeling like a beginner, even when you were accomplished in so many other areas of your life.

My admiration grew as I saw you get results from your efforts.

  • You published the ebook you’d dreamed of, and suddenly you could say “I wrote the book on …”
  • You drafted and followed a marketing plan which kept your efforts on track
  • You regularly created graphics for your business, even when you claimed “no artistic talent”
  • Your website — which you’d struggled to create — was finally online, and you knew how to keep it up
  • You took the first steps toward creating an email marketing strategy so you could build a list of prospects and keep in touch with them

All this while juggling:

  • Raising a family
  • A second job
  • A chronic illness (personal, or a family member’s)
  • Single parenthood
  • Feeling like you were “too old” to learn something new (one of my recent customers just turned 86: you’re not too old)
  • Living full-time in an RV
  • Stress caused by financial worries

I stand in awe of you. And I want you to know that your courage — and your results — are what keep me going.

I’ll never tire of seeing the transformations take place, knowing that my work played a small part in making them happen.

I say small part, because in the end, you’re doing the work.

Against all odds, despite feeling pulled in all directions by your life’s circumstances, you’re making the time to learn, grow, and expand your business.

You are my hero. Don’t ever forget it.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System.

Pamela Wilson

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12 thoughts on “You’re My Hero: Here’s Why”

  1. I took a leap of faith in your product when I saw what you could offer me, a novice on the computer and products of my own to market. Thank you for your honest, straightforward
    instructions in building my dream. I’m still learning and will most certainly continue to evolve with your guidance. Thank you and continued success.


  2. Your post today is an indication of what makes Pamela tick. It’s clear that your heart is in the right place. You truly understand what your customers need in order to succeed in marketing their small businesses. And your products and services reflect this.

    I stumbled upon you three years ago when my business was hit hard by the depression. I really didn’t have the money to buy Big Brand System and took a leap of faith that I was doin the right thing investing in your products. I was hungry for information that would help me market my little company when the competition was fierce for the small amount of work that was out there. Well, I’ve survived in part because of the information (both free and purchased) that you’ve created.

    Here’s just some of what I’ve learned and applied:
    – How to select colors and fonts to brand my company.
    – How to figure out what my clients really want.
    – How to write my soon to be released eBook.
    – How to setup my website using WordPress.

    I wouldn’t have reached these goals without you or your team.

    Your personal response to my questions sets you above others in your field.

    I look forward to the release of your future products. I know that they’ll be first class.

    Thanks again, Pamela, for making a difference in my business life.

    • Well, gee … now I’m all teary-eyed and can’t see my screen 😉

      Thanks so much, Bill. I’m very glad to hear that my information helped you through the tough times. You have learned a lot, and I’m honored by the confidence you’ve placed in my products!

  3. Your products always seems to come along just-in-time for me, from Site Setup Kit to the new List Building Kit. I’ve relied on your free typography & fonts tutorials to concoct my own font combinations, and your color tutorials to select my brand colors. There are lots of designers who think only designers can design, leaving us DIYers to fend for ourselves. It’s not as if I *like* ugly. Thank you for coming to my rescue and showing me how it’s done.

    • You’re the kind of person I like to work with: you know what you want, you have good taste, and you just need some guidance to get there. Thanks for the kind words, Linda!

  4. Oh I absolutely LOVE this.. So, I’m someone who has ZERO design skills and absolutely NO eye for colour or fonts and typography is Greek to me {no I don’t speak Greek!} Am all too happy to hire most of this stuff out.. but still, a girl’s gotta know how to have an eBook that isn’t the virtual equivalent of something the cat dragged in, right? 🙂

    Your free resources helped me nail the fonts for my 2nd and 3rd and subsequent eBooks. I fell in love with your work via your posts on The Mogul Mom and have been following you since:) And lately, I just got eBook Evolution Premium to finally convert those 3-4 eBooks in ePub. Thank YOU for being generous, for being real and most importantly, NOT being miserly or condescending with your advice. Deeply Grateful.

    • Prerna, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving this amazing comment! I’m glad we’ve “met” online, and so happy to hear that eBook Evolution worked for you.

  5. Hey Pamela,

    I am a new reader to your blog, but thanks 😀

    I started blogging as a hobby (and my niche wasn’t even blogging or marketing). I start blogging with Technology as my niche. A competitive niche, but I didn’t care about all that. I just wanted to share the news (and my opinion) about latest advancements in Technology.

    Never did I imagine that blogging would change my life. Blogging made me a different person (I think it is for the better. I learned a lot, not just about blogging, but also about life). And, all thanks to my blogging friends at Blogengage (a blogging community. I probably wouldn’t be blogging right now, if I hadn’t come across this community).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Pamela 🙂 I hope to learn more from you and your blog 😀 Have a great weekend!

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