Content formatting examples and tips

6 Quick Content Formatting Tips That Will Energize Your Page

The content formatting examples you’re about to see can transform the pages of your website.

Sounds like a bold promise, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing …

You pour hours into researching, writing, polishing, and promoting your content.

But if you want people to actually read and absorb those words you’ve written, you must master content formatting.

You need a blog format that’s easy to skim and pleasing to the eyes.

How to make a sensational first impression with your blog format

The moment they arrive, your site visitor’s fingers are still hovering over their keys, ready to click away.

How will you keep them there?

How will you invite them to stick around and read a while?

My friend, it’s easier than you think.

Today, I’m going to show you how a handful of simple online content formatting examples will help you design a blog post or website page that looks inviting, engaging, and authoritative.

It doesn’t take long to format your blog content in this way, especially once you make it a habit.

Let’s get you into the habit of formatting your website and blog content like a pro.

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How to design a powerful logo in 3 simple steps

How to Design a Powerful Logo in 3 Simple Steps [Infographic]

Did you ever wonder how to design a logo?

Better yet — how do designers create logos that are simple, memorable, and effective?

In today’s post, I’m letting you inside my designer brain so you can see what goes through my head when I make website images, logos, and other visual content.

In the infographic below, you’ll see the process I went through to design a logo for my newest product — The Image Lab.

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How to fix social media images

How to Fix Social Media Images That Aren’t Doing Their Job

It crushes me.

Each time I see an image on social media that does NOTHING — zip, zilch, nada — for a brand’s image, sales, or traffic, the conversion-loving copywriter in me is crushed.

If you’re an online business owner who uses images in any shape or form, recognize that those images have a “job” to do — a purpose to fulfill.

That job is to establish your presence, increase brand recognition and yes, propel your audience to take action.

If your images aren’t doing all of these jobs, chances are your marketing wouldn’t have the impact it should have and you’ll be shedding some very expensive tears at the end of the year, too.

If your social media images haven’t been delivering and aren’t giving you the return that they totally can, do not despair.

Help’s at hand in the form of this post, peppered with real-world examples of social media images that are crushing it with their calls-to-action and on-point branding.

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How to Brand Anything: Your Business, Your Idea, Yourself

One of the reasons I started Big Brand System is that I saw a trend happening in the world of business.

Back in 2010 when this site went live with a single post, I saw that business owners suddenly had access to tools that put the power of design and marketing into their hands.

It was a revolution! Before then, if you wanted to market your business you hired someone to do the work.

But now, online tools, websites, and platforms — many free — are all available to use to brand your business.

Here’s the thing, though — just because you have a kitchen doesn’t mean you’re a great cook.

Access to tools doesn’t mean mastery of them. Which is why we see a lot of mediocre marketing and branding floating around the web. It’s earnest and well meaning and kind of … awful.

It’s unreadable. It’s garish. Or it misses the mark in terms of the message.

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How to Recognize and Use Sight Lines in Your Images

You’re using images in your content marketing, right?

(Please say yes, please say yes!)

When you pair compelling images with well-written content, you “power up” your marketing messages.

You engage the whole brain of the person you want to reach, because images and words are processed in different areas of the brain.

How cool is that? Images get your prospects’ brains firing on all cylinders.

In today’s post, we’re going to cover sight lines. Sight lines are one of the essentials to keep in mind when choosing and using images.

Get this wrong, and your image could have the opposite effect to what you want. When your sight lines are wrong, the image you choose could actually weaken your message.

But get it right and your image and message will work together in perfect harmony.

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Why Does That Logo Cost So Much?

Logo design is in the news on a regular basis. And the story usually isn’t pretty.

Here’s how it goes:

“The XYZ Organization revealed their new logo last week. Customers complained bitterly that the new image didn’t represent their hopes and dreams.

And when XYZ Organization admitted the new logo cost $40,000, a protest was organized and shareholders complained loudly about “wasting funds on a frivolous expense.”

Why is it that people don’t like it when logos change?

I’m going to answer this one based on my vast experience with human nature — something that can only be acquired after you’ve lived as long as I have. 😉

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