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make your brand look sharp without consulting a professionalOne of the members in my Big Brand System course asked a while back whether or not she needed a logo for her business.

You might think that’s like asking a surgeon if you need surgery for a medical problem. (Of course you do!)

I’m here to tell you that you can get away with not having a logo. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about how to present your tagline or your business, though.

And it doesn’t mean you can just type out your business name in Helvetica and call it a day!

Start by Picking the Right Font

Let’s start with Doug, who loves donuts and coffee so much, he’s going to open a little breakfast counter on Main Street that specializes in caffeinated, roasted beverages, and fragrant, fresh donuts.

Doug doesn’t have the budget to hire a designer, but he wants to do something to distinguish his business. He starts by typing out his business name in Helvetica:

creating a brand image includes finding the right typeface

Boring! So he looks at different typefaces to see if he can find one with a little more personality. He comes across Futura, and notices that the “o” in this typefaces looks a lot like a nice, round donut — and the top view of a coffee cup! Perfect.

make your a brand image great with a typeface that fits your business

Tighten It Up

But Futura straight out of the box doesn’t really work as a logo. When you enlarge the letters, the spacing between them is enlarged, too, and it’s too spread out.

So Doug tightens up the letter spacing by squinching (technical term ;-)) the letters closer together. Even word processing programs will let you do this: look for character or letter spacing settings.

creating a brand image that works with attention to design details like letter spacing

Give it Some Zip

Then he decides to punch it up a bit more. He finds a brown color that reminds him of coffee, and a nice, warm orange that looks a little like a donut. He emphasizes the round letter “o” by making it bold, and changing the color.

make your brand stand out with some design emphasis

It looks like Doug has a logo after all! It’s a memorable image he can associate with his business.

How about you? Have you put together a logo by yourself? How did it go? Are you still using it? Let me know in the comments.

Get a simple plan to build and grow your online business. It’s free! 

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