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The Possibilities are Endless: Encouraging Words from Ebook Expert Susan Daffron

You’re busy. Why should you carve out time in your schedule to write an ebook? What will it really do for your business?

Today’s post is the last in a series about ebook publishing for small business owners.

Write your ebook today

We’ve talked about how reading habits are changing because so many people own tablet devices now. We’ve covered the three main ebook styles, and how each one grows your business in different ways. And we’ve discussed how ebooks are the fastest way to get your ideas in front of a global audience.

“Magic Money”

Susan DaffronThis week, we talk about how ebooks can make you “magic money.” That’s what Susan Daffron and her husband James call the money that’s automatically deposited in their bank account by Amazon every month for work they did many months and years ago.

For a small business owner, any process you can put into place that brings in prospects and customers automatically does feel like magic. And ebooks can make the magic happen for your business.

Susan is an ebook publishing consultant and author at Logical Expressions, Inc. She has focused on non-fiction ebooks over the years, but recently completed her first novel, which she mentions in this 30-minute interview we recorded a few weeks ago.

Listen to discover:

  • The advantages of EPUB and PDF ebooks, and how to price and position two different editions of the same material
  • Pro tips for converting your ebook successfully to an ereader format
  • Why ereader-style ebooks are more like web pages than books
  • What’s the best platform to start with if you’re writing your first ereader-style ebook
  • Why the best time to write an ebook is right now: the longer your ebook is in an online bookstore, the greater the chance that your sales will multiply over time

Listen to the interview with Susan Daffron here:

Right click (control click on a Mac) to download the interview with Susan Daffron

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business.

Pamela Wilson

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2 thoughts on “The Possibilities are Endless: Encouraging Words from Ebook Expert Susan Daffron”

  1. This was very timely and one of the most useful webinars that I’ve listened to.

    I’m nearly finished with my eBook and have be confused about which distribution method I should choose: downloadable PDF from my website or posting on Amazon/Barnes and Noble. After listening to your webinar, it looks like I can have the best of both worlds.

    I know that I’ll be listening to this useful webinar over and over as I get closer to my launch.

    Thanks Pamela and Susan. Well done!

    • I’m so glad you took the time to listen, Bill. Susan packed this half hour full of great information. She cleared up a lot of things for me, and I knew I wanted to share this with everyone so we could all benefit.

      Thanks for your comment!

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