Five-Ingredient Design Recipes E-Book: A Gift for You

A white table with small bowls of flour, butter, sugar and eggs

Ever look at a blank page and not know where to start?

It happens to the best of us. With all marketing efforts, it’s important to know your target market first. Your target market is Ingredient Number One.

Once you know who you want to reach, you can create an effective marketing piece with just four more ingredients. If you don’t do graphic design for a living, though, you might not know where to start. So many typefaces to choose from! And let’s not even start on colors…

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I have a “rule of two” when it comes to typefaces and colors. Picking just two typefaces and two main colors is a simple way to bring unity and clarity to your pages.

But that doesn’t help you pick them, does it?

A quick-start guide to great marketing materials

create a brand with great design using this dowloadable guideLet me show you how it works. In the Five-Ingredient Design Recipe Book you’ll find ten different “recipes” for graphic styles that will work for a wide variety of target markets. Each market is outlined in the recipe description, and you’ll find suggested typefaces and a color palette below it. I’ve even created a sample business card so you can see how the elements could combine.

The typefaces featured in the document are all free and you can download them in a zip file below.

The color palettes list web-ready and print-ready colors, so whether you’re designing a blog or putting together a brochure, you’ll find inspiration in this e-book.

Download the Five-Ingredient Design Recipe Book here

Windows typefaces (see Read Me file for installation instructions)

Mac typefaces (see Read Me file for installation instructions)

Did you find the e-book helpful? Let me know in the comments!

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

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12 thoughts on “Five-Ingredient Design Recipes E-Book: A Gift for You”

  1. Pamela,
    This Five-Ingredient Recipe Design Recipe Book is phenomenal! I own a branding company and we are in our 10th year. This will be invaluable to my staff. I will share this with all my agencies as well. Well Done and Thank You!
    Darlene Whitehurst
    Adsource Media
    Raleigh, NC

  2. I’ll second what Darlene said, “This Five-Ingredient Recipe Design Recipe Book is phenomenal!”, and I’ll add, “Wow!” I can see myself using this a lot. Thank you Pamela.

  3. I’m only commenting because it’s been a wonderful experience to follow your newsletter and get to know you through your work…which I must say is very professional! AND because you replied my tweet AND in my native spanish.

    Muchas Gracias! En verdad te lo agradezco y te deseo los mejores éxitos.

    Francisco – Desde Quito, Ecuador =)

  4. Pamela, this is the single most useful design resource I’ve ever had! It’s immediately applicable and so easy to work with. Thank you!

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