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Pamela Wilson of BIG Brand System

Dear Reader,

Have you heard big-name online business owners mention the mastermind groups they’re in? They talk about them like they’re the “secret sauce” behind their success.

But you may also have heard horror stories about mastermind groups. You may have had negative experiences with them yourself.

After all, who wants to pay a lot of money and find themselves stuck in a group with people who don’t inspire you, support you, and push you to become the business owner you want to be?

Get a Smart “Board of Directors” for Your Business

Since 2004, I have had the privilege to belong to a mastermind group — a small group of smart business owners who have been the informal “board of directors” for my own business.

There have been many, many times that:

  • We have helped each other be brave and think bigger in our businesses (sometimes it’s easier for others to see your potential than for you to see it yourself)
  • We’ve talked each other “off the ledge” when things looked disastrous and we weren’t sure what to do
  • We have shared resources, solutions, vendors, and software we’ve used and loved
  • We’ve held each other accountable for moving toward our goals

There’s something else …

Since I joined my first mastermind group, I have tripled my earnings.

I have felt supported by people I respect and cherish. I have made lifelong friends. 

Mastermind groups have changed my life for the better. I am so excited to offer this experience to you!

Backed by 30+ Years of Business Experience

This is the only mastermind group you can join with me, Pamela Wilson. I have been called:

  • Generous and giving: I want you to have the support and tools you need to get things done and I go above and beyond to make that happen.
  • An impactful teacher: I pride myself in making complex topics simple and easy to understand and take action on.

Here’s something else you should know — I have a deep belief that business should be fun.

Hand-Selected High-Quality Members

Mastermind groups are only as effective as their members. That’s why the Momentum Mastermind group is composed of members I hand select through an application and interview process.

Momentum Mastermind members are online business owners who:

  • Actively build an online business and deal with its challenges
  • Aspire to BIG things and are willing to work smart to make them happen
  • Have generous hearts and are happy to support and encourage their colleagues

Everyone in this group is busy so we make the most of our time together and encourage each other every step of the way.

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Guidance from a Trusted Expert

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When you join the Momentum Mastermind, you’ll tap into my 30+ years of business experience and 9+ years of online business experience.

My award-winning business, marketing, and design experience will be at your service to give you feedback on your plans and how you’ll implement them.

I spent more than two years running one of the most well-known marketing and online business websites in the world, Copyblogger.

I’m a 3-time author, keynote speaker, and respected online business expert.

Most important? I love helping people build and grow their businesses! 

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What’s Included in the Momentum Mastermind Experience

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Support, encouragement, and accountability for the entire year — so you can implement your plans and triumph through all the ups and downs 
  • A virtual planning event so you can map out your targets, your promotions, your marketing plans for the year
  • A “bank” of private coaching sessions with me, Pamela Wilson, so you get the 1-on-1 attention and support when you need it most
  • Once-a-month masterminding sessions with your own private “board of directors” — smart business owners like you who’ll encourage and support you
  • Recordings of all private and group mastermind sessions so you can “stay in the moment” and review the replays any time you need a refresher
  • Everyday access to me and other group members to ask quick questions, share resources, get encouragement
  • A LIVE WEEKEND EVENT held in Nashville, TN in late spring, 2019

(Can you tell I’m super excited about that last bullet point? Live mastermind events ROCK.)

What’s So Great About the Momentum Mastermind?

Listen as a few Momentum Mastermind group members speak about how they’ve grown professionally from being part of this elite group.

Time to Make Real Progress with the Support You Need

The Momentum Mastermind is an exclusive group of no more than eight business owners. 

There are only a few Momentum Mastermind spots available. Interested? Apply now!

Let’s Talk: Get a FREE Momentum Strategy Call​

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I’m looking forward to connecting with you! Click the button above and we’ll talk soon.

Pamela Wilson
Founder, BIG Brand System