Getting Into Your Customer’s Pocket

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In the hot seat — website review call

In a recent survey, several people made a great suggestion: why not show how my branding and business principles apply to a real website?

Well, why not? I thought it was a wonderful idea, and it just so happens that I found two people who were willing to sit in the hot seat and listen to feedback about their site. in the hot seat

brand strategy includes taking the time to analyze and improve your website

Listen as Jesse Mecham, founder of, and Taylor Brown, Lead Software Architect, explain who they want to reach, and how their product is different.

You’ll learn:

  • What bad habit might be alienating your buyers, and what you can do to avoid it.
  • How sometimes the best ‘design’ changes you make have nothing to do with colors or typefaces.
  • Why people-centric marketing works best.
  • How simple changes can give your company a friendlier and more approachable presence on the web.

Website Review Call with

Download this recording to listen to on your mp3 player

Congratulations to Dana Wilson (no relation!) of Epi Kardia Home Education who won a lesson from one of my courses for filling out last week’s survey, and thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their thoughts.

So … what did you learn from the call? Let me know in the comments!

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

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13 thoughts on “Getting Into Your Customer’s Pocket”

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this Pamela. I learned a lot and agreed with all of your suggestions. It’s certainly obvious that you could work magic in a website makeover.

  2. Very interesting interview. I would definitely like to check out their software and see how their methodology work. I currently use Quicken.

  3. That was really useful. I was expecting suggestions on choice of colors, fonts and placement…but you did a lot more than that. You really helped those two guys out with a lot of SOLID marketing help. Looking forward to more of these.

    • Thanks, Vin. In this case they had a pretty solid design and I think the language tweaks will make the biggest difference. Can’t wait to hear back from them to find out if they see results from the changes.

  4. Excellent, interesting call. I appreciated the good audio quality too since so many recorded calls are fuzzy and one sided. The budget duo already incorporated many of your suggestions.

    Solid marketing advice, focussed on language and appealing to the customers.

  5. Great call. I’d be interested to see how ‘new and improved’ version of the YNAB site looks after following your suggestions. Maybe you can post a follow up?

  6. Hi Pamela (and readers),
    This is Jesse here from Just wanted to say that we’ve already introduced the “quick fixes” in the form of a fairly big multivariate test and will let Pamela know the results! We’re hopeful we’ll see some good bumps.
    And, to plug Pamela, and as you can certainly hear from the call, she certainly knows her stuff. It was invaluable to have “outside eyes” take a look at it and offer a fresh, well-informed perspective.

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