Why Good Design Matters to Your Brand

A designer's work table and a person is working on a laptop and graphic tablet

This is the first in a series of ten video posts that are on my YouTube channel.

They feature the ten basic concepts in my Design 101 series. In this series, I’m adding short videos to explain the concepts visually. I’d love to hear what you think!

Do your marketing materials pass the three-second test?

You have just a few seconds to make an impression on your prospects.

The first impression is visual: your colors, fonts and overall style make the initial impact.

After you’ve attracted them with your visual brand, your prospects will move on and read your words.

That’s why it’s important to understand basic design concepts and how to create good design if you’re going to market your business yourself.

By the way, my favorite image editing tool is PicMonkey (that’s an affiliate link).

Whether you design your materials, or you supervise a designer’s work, a basic understanding of the elements of graphic design will help you build a brand that looks good and communicates clearly.

So I ask you again: do your marketing materials pass the three-second test? Tell me about it in the comments.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

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7 thoughts on “Why Good Design Matters to Your Brand”

  1. Pamela – you make this all look effortless, but I know it takes practice. this 10 part series is surely going to be a winner. Excellent content.

  2. Thanks Pamela. You have presented a wealth of valuable info over time on visual branding, audience and marketing. My site is OK, but presents too many messages without a strong hierarchy; I’ll be employing some of your concepts in the coming months. Thanks!

  3. Hi Pamela,
    I enjoy playing with “unexpected” eye candy for my company’s marketing materials and those of my clients. Sometimes clients need a nudge to the wild side to give their material a boost, and that can be challenging if they are of the conservative world. I have found that certain industries are simply stuck in the world of black & white and all “expected” graphic attributes (the legal industry is one example). It’s much more fun when a client specifically requests me to creat an eye-catching horrah or as you say “the 3 second appeal”. Being in the graphic design industry, I want people to not only acknowledge my work in the 3 second test, but to also take a second look and sometimes I even get to hear a verbal exclamation of how good my eye candy “hits them”. My business cards, although the usual “expected” size have a unique shape (dubbed as a leaf) where the horizontal layout includes curves on the left & right edges with curves contained in the graphics that accentuate the card’s die cut. Ink colors & white space complement each other comfortably as well and I’ve added a splash of spot UV (clear glossy ink over-layed on top of only portions of the card graphics). The spot UV gloss accentuates the important areas of my copy. I think that correct usage of the color wheel is important as well so that colors compliment each other. I look forward to gleening the information you will be posting in this series of posts to further enhance the education of branded appeal. Cheers!

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