Google+? Grandma Mary Dishes on the New Kid in Town

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Google+ is the newest social media phenomenon, and I brought Grandma Mary — our favorite funny social media expert — in for a video interview. I wanted to get her take on it. Click play below to see what she thinks: she doesn’t hold back!

Here’s what we covered:

  • What “personalities” each social network has, and the best way to use each one
  • Whether or not you should try to migrate the friends and followers you have on Facebook over to Google+
  • How to share your information on Google+: when to make it public, and when to limit it to your circles
  • What to do when someone adds you to a circle, and you have no idea who they are
  • What Grandma really thinks about Google+. Is it the new face of the web? She spills the beans in this exclusive video!

Find more of Grandma Mary’s social media tips here.

Tell me what you think about Google+ in the comments. Have you tried it? Are you confused by it? I want to hear what you think!

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

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22 thoughts on “Google+? Grandma Mary Dishes on the New Kid in Town”

    • Grandma Mary is my favorite person to consult about social media questions for that very reason — she cracks me up! And even though she’s funny, she really knows her stuff.

      Glad you liked the interview. Thanks for the great questions you submitted, Marlene!

  1. Thought Grandma Mary summed it up perfectly. I completely agree with her assessment/comments. I wasn’t sure if I would like Google+ at first and certainly didn’t see a need for another social networking site. However, like Grandma Mary made reference to, I am being a little more strategic and thoughtful in how I build my Google+ account. Not too much “noise” like Twitter, not as formal as Linked In, and certainly not as unrestrained as Facebook! I’m building circles slowly and considering more carefully how I want to use it. It will be interesting to see how G+ starts to develop and take shape. I haven’t jumped ship on the other avenues-with my business FB page still being heavily utilized. Not sure how I see a business page on G+ would be much different than FB-so may not be as useful?

  2. It’s nice to hear the scoop on G+ from Granma Mary since she’s such a big Facebook user.

    I’m a FB personal user but don’t like the idea of making big business efforts behind FB’s walled garden. Search engines don’t see much of what’s happening in FB, whereas G+ will *really* be mined by Google.

    My question is, does it make sense to put more effort into G+, FB, or continue my main efforts on Twitter (also mined by Google.

    I know it all comes down to the question “where is my audience?”, but the search issue still bugs me.

    How do you approach FB is this regard, Pamela? And will G+ make you use Twitter and FB less?

    Thanks for creating this!

    Best, David

    • It’s a little early to say, but based on just a couple of weeks of use, I’d say Google+ may take more time away from Facebook than it does from Twitter. I’m still trying to be in all places, which is challenging!

      You’re right about approaching it from the “where is my audience?” angle. That’s question #1. And search is important, too … although I’d rather focus search efforts on getting my own site to rank higher.

      It’s going to be very interesting to see how it plays out. Google+ looks great right now because it’s clean and tidy and ad free. I remember when Google itself was ad free, too. Those were the days!

    • Facebook Pages are indexed in Google and public vs a personal Facebook profile. But I think you make a great point that there may be more search benefit in the future with Google+ I’ve been doing some Google searches to find out how they are incorporating the new +1 button and it’s been interesting.

      I think something has to give, I don’t think people will update 3 sites for long. So time will tell what wins! Great questions David!

  3. G’Day Pamela,
    Thank heavens! At last; some commonsense, lucid explanation of what Google+ is all about. I’ll be sharing this around down here in Oz. I joined Google +. But it’s like washing your hair and being unable “to do a thing with it.”

    I’ve decided to concentrate on LinkedIn and FaceBook Fans for the moment . Thanks to you and Grandma for reinforcing that decision.

    Grandma’s are always right. I know. I’m married to one!



  4. I love how you are so quick off the mark Pamela!
    The idea of being an early adopter is appealing – given that I’m usually last to arrive.
    Sounds like we will be able to make this a more selective gathering place for ourselves than FB.
    Thanks for sheding some light on G+ in a fun way girls .

    • People were asking me lots of questions, and I knew Grandma Mary was the person to get the scoop from! Glad you enjoyed it, Siita. It was fun for both of us!

  5. –one of the most refreshing parts was knowing I was not the only one a ‘bit confused.’ I mean I AM used to running around in circles 😉 but this session helped my understanding of G+ tremendously!

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